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    Ohio Business Owner's Policy

    Ohio, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Cedar Point, is a great place for young adults and families to explore or live. Akron, Cincinnati, and Dublin are the best places to live in Ohio.

    This state is consistently ranked as one of the best for business and provides many benefits to residents, including a low cost of living, excellent schools, and ample recreational opportunities.

    Many of Ohio's 965,000 small businesses require business owner's policy to protect themselves from accidents and other mishaps involving their business. This type of policy and business insurance typically require specialized coverages and liability limits that are not typically covered by personal policies.

    Whether they own a landscaping service in Cleveland or a construction company in Columbus, each receives customized coverage to meet their specific needs.

    What Is The Cost Of Business Owner's Policy In Ohio?

    The average cost in Ohio starts at $3,135, or about $260 per month, for a Business Owner's Policy in 2021. Keep in mind that the cost of your business insurance coverage can vary depending on the type of company you run. 

    The annual cost typically ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Higher-risk businesses, on the other hand, frequently pay more for insurance. Some business insurance providers will make an allowance. 

    What Does A Business Insurance Policy In Ohio Cover?

    property damage claims caused by fire

    With this type of policy, the typical coverage in Ohio combines business insurance and business property insurance into a single policy (BOP). This helps to protect your company from property damage claims caused by fire, theft, or other disasters that usually happen to many types of businesses.

    A BOP includes the following policies:

    • Commercial property insurance
    • General liability insurance
    • Income protection for businesses

    This type of policy is one of the best insurance solutions due to its comprehensive and customizable setup for businesses with employees. Having this will help cover employee benefits and injuries in terms of unforeseen accidents in the workplace.

    A BOP is also ideal and can be tailor-fitted even for a home-based business, ideally for small business owners starting at home. For instance, you can customize your BOP by adding policies such as data breaches, errors, and omissions coverage.

    When Should You Consider Getting A Business Owner's Policy?

    You should think about getting a Business Owner's Policy if:

    • There is a chance you will be sued if a customer is injured at your workplace.
    • Your company operates from an office building or physical location where property damage could occur.
    • You have valuable equipment or property that could be stolen or damaged.

    Quick Statistics On Business Owners’ Insurance

    • Only 38.9% of business owners who are 45 years of age or older have business owner's insurance.
    • 18 to 24-year-old business owners are more likely to get business owner's insurance, at a rate of 66.7%.
    • Women  (63.2%) were substantially less likely to actually submit a claim than men (67.8%), despite surveys showing that both male and female business owners carried a BOP at about the same rates.
    • In 2021, 3 in 4 small firms intend to get more insurance or upgrade their current coverage.
    • 31.3 % of workers experienced an injury at work in 2020. Employees who experience illnesses or injuries at work may be able to get cash reimbursement via workers' compensation insurance.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Business Owner’s Policies 

    Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding commercial auto insurance:

    1. What exactly does a business owner's policy cover?

    A BOP offers business owners protection from liability, risk, property damage, and business interruption. While insurance companies' coverage options differ, businesses frequently have the option to tack on extra protection against crime, item spoilage, forgery, fidelity, and other risks.

    2. Does Ohio mandate commercial insurance?

    All companies with employees in Ohio are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance. Owners of businesses can choose to self-insure or purchase insurance directly from the state's insurance fund.

    3. Which types of coverage are excluded from a typical BOP?

    Which of the following is not covered by Section I of the Business owners Policy? Except when kept as stock, computers that are permanently installed (or that will be installed) in any aircraft, watercraft, or other motor vehicles subject to registration are not protected.

    Other Insurance Types

    Knowing the different types of insurance and their coverages is important in getting the right policy for you if you want to cover your bases and get your commercial vehicles insured. Here are some of the most common types of insurance, how they work, and what they cover:

    Reliable and comprehensive coverage for business owners remains competitive in small and large enterprises. However, finding the right business owner's policy for your business vehicle along with the right insurance agent or insurance company can make a big difference.

    To learn more about business owners' policies and other liability coverage for your business in Ohio, read through our blogs at Assured Standard and grasp what smart long-term business and insurance solutions could look like.

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