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What Is General Liability Insurance Coverage In Trucking?

What Is General Liability Insurance Coverage In Trucking?

With the rising costs of trucking, being covered for accidents that occur can help you stay in business. In addition to investing in auto liability coverage, trucking companies need to pay attention to other risks that their business can face. This is where general liability insurance comes in. 

General liability insurance coverage in trucking covers business risks related to physical injuries faced by customers, advertising injury, and defamation. It doesn’t cover damage done to your trucks or employee injuries, but it is still an important policy to invest in in the event of a worst-case scenario. 

General Liability Insurance Coverage

Like all other businesses, trucking businesses that have a warehouse or physical office still face certain risks. Instead of having to pay for these costs out of pocket, general liability insurance typically covers these third-party scenarios: 

  • The cost of dealing with customer injuries such as accidental slips or falls that occur at your place of business where the customer decides to sue. General liability insurance can cover medical expenses and attorney fees, as well as funeral expenses for severe situations.
  • The cost of accidental property damage caused by a customer, such as damaged inventory or shelving
  • The cost of accidental copyright infringement, such as using a similar logo
  • The cost of legal fees related to defamation including both libel and slander 

At the end of the day, a general liability insurance plan provides plenty of coverage for certain situations that can financially impact your trucking company. For small businesses, having to pay for legal and medical fees can be extremely costly. 

However, like any other type of insurance plan, it has its limitations as well. This is where other forms of insurance such as cargo insurance, bobtail insurance, and non-trucking liability are also beneficial. As a result, purchasing general liability insurance in a bundle with other trucking insurance options can help save your business money in the long run. 

Read on to learn more about the importance of non-trucking liability insurance at Assured Standard! 

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