Arthur Williamson

Chairman & CEO
Arthur started Assured Standard after seeing his sister struggle with finding insurance policies for her business. Thanks to his background in business administration, he knows exactly what small and big businesses need to keep operations running.

Arthur Williamson's Articles

Why is Professional Liability Insurance Important?
Professional liability insurance protects the people who provide services for your business from claims of negligence or errors made while performing their duties. It’s an essential part of protecting your ...
Why Do I Need General Liability Insurance?
If you own a business and deal with customers and clients, you need to get insurance for your financial protection. General liability insurance protects you in case anyone tries to ...
Best Practices To Avoid Insurance Fraud
Insurance Fraud is not only a crime; it can have disastrous consequences for all parties involved. To protect yourself from insurance fraud, you need to be aware and alert. We ...
What Does General Liability Insurance Cover For Small Businesses
General Liability insurance provides protection against anything the business can be liable for. Liability is the state of being responsible for something by law. In insurance terms, that translates to ...
Difference Between Trailer Interchange And Physical Damage
Depending on your policy, physical damage insurance covers damages resulting from natural occurrences — like theft, vandalism, and collision. Additionally, it encompasses multiple coverages. On the other hand, trailer interchange ...
How Much Does Owner Operator Insurance Cost
Insurers consider several variables when computing truck insurance premiums. The rates vary depending on your motor carrier classification, hauled freight, truck model, business tenure, and operating authority. However, most owner-operators ...
In A Trailer Interchange Agreement, What Does A Motor Carrier Agree To
Trailer interchange agreements allow truckers to use third-party trucks as part of their logistics solutions. The trailers typically switch between trucks en route. Note that the truckers hauling the goods ...
What Is The Difference Between Trailer Interchange And Non-Owned Trailer
Trailer interchange insurance covers non-owned trailers, but non-owned trailer insurance and trailer interchange policies do not offer the same coverage. Non-owned trailer insurance covers non-owned trailers attached to an insured ...
How Does General Liability Work?
Every business requires general liability insurance as it protects them in cases of third-party damages. So what is general liability insurance? We brought in a panel of experts to explain ...
How Much Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Should I Get?
Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires $750,000 worth of general liability per accident, consider getting as much non-trucking liability (NTL) insurance coverage as well. A typical NTL ...
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