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    Professional Liability Insurance

    In data gathered in 2018, results state that there are 92 million professionals working in the US alone. No matter how trained and experienced these people may be, chances are, they will make wrong judgments throughout their careers. That is where professional liability insurance comes in.

    Professional Liability Insurance

    For instance, in the healthcare industry alone, there have been about one million medical mistakes made by professionals, with about 250,000 errors leading to a fatality every year.

    Granted, every person can make mistakes, even if you are a professional who has been in practice for many years. That is why having a safety net like professional liability coverage is one of the best decisions a service-providing business can make.

    What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

    Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance, also called professional indemnity or errors and omissions insurance, safeguards professional services providers against claims made by a current or former customer related to negligence, error, or omission. In other cases, the coverage extends to copyright infringement and personal damages, as well.

    Professional liability is a type of business insurance essential for companies offering a professional service, regular professional advice, or regular contractual services.

    The scope includes lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, and others who provide their expert knowledge. It also extends to the beauty industry, business coaches, counselors, therapists, personal trainers, photographers, and other professionals that provide particular skills and abilities.

    If a customer believes that a mistake caused them personal, professional, and financial damages after they got the professional's business, they can file claims of negligence against the provider. By getting professional liability insurance policies, you can protect your business from settling legal expenses and settlements against the claims on their services.

    Why Do Business Owners Need Professional Liability Insurance?

    If the business involves making a living out of their specialization, they would benefit from a professional liability policy. Though human errors are a fact of life, the people receiving erroneous services won't be understanding if they suffer from these errors or omissions.

    Professional Liability Insurance

    In the world of business, someone will always feel dissatisfied with the service they receive. Whatever field you may come from, failure to meet the deadline, making an omission in the final work, making a wrong diagnosis, or giving the wrong advice can get any professional a case in court.

    As the legal process can be daunting, not to mention expensive, ensuring the business is covered by the best professional liability insurance policy is a strong way to protect one's practice.

    What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

    Alleged or Actual Negligence

    If claims made against a professional and their business is said to be rooted in negligence in their business activities, professional liability coverage can provide support in the legal process. Whether a service provider is accused of giving the wrong advice or omitting an essential piece of info for their customer's welfare, this liability policy can provide valuable protection.

    Here are some examples of negligence in the workplace:

    • An engineer can be accused of ordering the wrong materials or overly expensive unnecessary ones to complete a contract.
    • A physician, nursing aid, pharmacist, or an entire hospital may be served a medical malpractice complaint about medical errors towards a patient during surgery or treatment session.
    • A therapist can be accused of tissue damage should they make an error during a session.
    • A notary failing to review a document properly before notarizing them.

    Defense Cost

    Insurance companies that specialize in professional liability coverage can offer guidance and support on the entire legal process and provide advice in handling cases like this, especially for a small business. Legal costs are normally needed for problems like errors in management consulting, management liability, property management, or real estate handling.

    Personal Injury

    Will a professional liability policy protect a professional even when a claim is baseless? Yes. Professional liability policies protect against claims resulting in personal injury, like libel or slander. This coverage can be provided by a competent insurance company against any related legal action.

    Errors by Temporary Workers and Independent Contractors

    Professional Liability Insurance

    A business might hire additional help to keep work flowing smoothly. However, these independent contractors and temporary staff represent the small business and the brand while they are under employ. So, if they commit an error or omission in providing professional services, the business can be sued and included in the claims.

    Claims from Professional Services Provided in the Past

    Despite having been completed in the past, a former customer can apply for claims against a professional service provider. Even if this claim occurred within a policy period where a business worked with a different insurance company, they can have retroactive coverage included in their policy.

    Prior acts coverage protects businesses in situations where the alleged incident happened at a retroactive date when they were insured with a different carrier. This means that a small business can still be covered even for services they have provided in the past, which is considerable protection with valuable benefits.

    The Average Cost of Professional Liability Insurance

    Several factors can impact how much you have to pay for professional liability insurance coverage. As an estimate, the national average spending in 2019 for professional liability coverage is $46 per month or $552 per annum. 

    However, professional liability insurance rates can change due to several factors, including the following:

    • The provider
    • Field of expertise
    • Business location
    • History with claims and losses
    • Type of coverage
    • Policy limits
    • Business size
    • Industry and risk factors

    Explore the contrasts between Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance in our dedicated blog post. Enhance your understanding of these crucial coverage types to make informed decisions for your business in the realm of Professional Liability Insurance.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Liability Insurance

    What is covered by professional liability insurance?

    Professional liability insurance covers breach of contract, errors or omissions, misleading statements, breach of confidentiality, failure to perform services, and negligent acts. Defamation, intellectual property, defense costs, inquiry attendance expenses, loss documents, automatic subsidiary coverage, and extended reporting period are also included.

    Who needs professional liability insurance?

    Professional liability coverage is essential to many businesses that earn by providing professional service including accountants, healthcare professionals, engineers, architects, business consultants, counselors, lawyers, real estate agents, and other people who offer their professional expertise as a product.

    What is the average cost of professional liability insurance?

    The rates of professional liability insurance can vary depending on the circumstances. High-risk industries pay higher rates. Meanwhile, industries that are less vulnerable enjoy lower rates. The amounts can also be affected by the extent of the liability coverage acquired by the business.

    Investing in Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance is worth the price; the return of investment is incomparable. After all, the potential damages brought by claims can lead to serious financial loss. But more than that, it can stain personal and business reputation.

    If any of the described situations and processes are related to your current business, then you don't have to wait any longer. Contact a trusted insurance provider and invest in professional liability insurance right away.

    Explore our comprehensive guide on professional liability insurance providers that are leading the industry. Dive into insightful analyses, key features, and expert tips to make an informed decision for safeguarding your professional journey. Uncover the best options and ensure your peace of mind today!

    Explore the intricacies of Media Liability Insurance through our latest blog post, shedding light on this crucial facet of Professional Liability protection.

    What else do you want to learn about professional liability insurance? Do you want to know how to choose the best company? Let us help you! Contact Assured Standard today!

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