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Even if you're driving a pickup truck for personal or recreational reasons, you should make sure that you're protected from things like bodily injury and property damage.

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      What kind of truck do you have?

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      Pick Up Truck Insurance - Assured Standard

      In the United States, investing in pickup truck insurance is a must for your company or personal needs. To better understand the landscape, it's helpful to compare truck insurance offerings from various providers. According to Statista, there are over 947,000 truck drivers employed in the United States, with the trucking industry being valued at $791.7 billion. Because of this, it's important to invest in auto insurance for pickup trucks to protect all parties involved in an accident.

      Even if you're driving a pickup truck for personal or recreational reasons, you should make sure that you're protected from things like bodily injury and property damage. Pick up truck insurance can provide this protection. However, if your business is involved in making deliveries, transporting goods, and carrying tools, you may need to invest in additional coverage to protect your fleet of pickup trucks.

      The Importance of Pickup Truck Insurance

      An uninsured motorist can be a huge liability in terms of cost, so having bodily injury coverage should also be prioritized when it comes to looking at insurance rates. Because there are various pickup truck insurance plans from different insurance companies, it pays to do some research before investing in any liability insurance plan for your home or company. The average pickup truck insurance cost can vary widely depending on several factors, so a thorough comparison is necessary.

      Common Issues With Pickup Trucks

      To help you get the right type of auto insurance for your truck, it's worth looking into the common risks and issues that driving a pickup truck involves. Knowing these issues can also help you compare truck insurance and choose the most suitable plan. Some of the major causes of truck accidents include:

      • Truck Driver Negligence - When a driver experiences fatigue due to long drives, they may fail to pay attention to road conditions, which can be particularly dangerous for an uninsured motorist.
      • Truck Maintenance Issues - Brake problems, tire problems, and improper loads of cargo can make some types of pickup trucks more difficult to steer and more vulnerable to accidents. Thus, having insurance coverage can help pay for costs.
      • Poor Safety Ratings - Many vehicle collision fatalities take place in rollover crashes. Pickup trucks are more prone to rolling over compared to other SUVs or cars, making auto insurance for commercial pickup trucks a business essential.

      What Pickup Truck Insurance Covers

      Depending on the nature of use, your pick-up truck policy covers only certain aspects. For instance, a third-party policy will only insure the cost of car repair by another driver if you cause an accident, but will not fund the cost of repairs for your own vehicle. A full, comprehensive policy may charge a higher premium but provide more coverage for all your needs.

      If you're using a pickup truck for work, you'll need to invest in commercial insurance. Pickup truck insurance rates are often higher for commercial usage because of the increased risk and potential damage. There are different policy types that you can choose from that vary in price, including a 'carriage of own goods policy' to protect goods that you're transporting throughout the day. A separate insurance policy may be useful to remedy theft or damage to any tools.

      The insurance plan you're looking for should include the following types of coverage:

      • Physical damage coverage - Includes collision coverage if your pickup truck is involved in an accident, rolls over, or is stolen.
      • Liability insurance - Combines bodily injury and property damage coverage and help pays for medical bills if you're at fault
      • Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance - Helps provide coverage for an uninsured or underinsured motorist for damages caused by a driver who doesn't have car insurance.

      How to Choose the Right Insurance Provider

      Before investing your hard-earned money in pickup truck insurance, it's worth looking at the products and services that a company has so that you can pick the most comprehensive plan to suit your needs. Pickup truck insurance rates are often higher for commercial usage because of the increased risk and potential damage. Aside from that, the time period when it comes to processing claims and overall company reputation are some things you should consider.

      Firstly, it's worth choosing a company that is knowledgeable about trucking insurance. Depending on your zip code, your state will have different requirements when it comes to motor carriers, pickup trucks, and more. Insurance rates can vary greatly between companies, so make sure that you get your money's worth.

      The length of time a company has been in business can determine its financial health and overall ratings. If a company lacks funds and has too many obligations, they may not be able to cover claims and go out of business.

      Often, if the cost of a policy is too good to be true, it probably is. Looking at the extent of its coverage and reading the terms and conditions in detail can help you prepare for any unexpected gaps, and getting the cheapest plan typically means losing out on some types of coverage for pickup truck insurance.

      Applying for Pickup Truck Insurance

      Whether you're looking for a commercial insurance quote or a private one, an agent from an insurance company will ask for information about yourself and the pickup you drive.

      The cost of auto insurance for your pickup truck varies depending on its make and model, age, and type of goods you're hauling. Your driving record can also impact costs which can become much higher if you have plenty of past violations.

      Budgeting for Insurance Costs

      On average, car insurance for a pickup truck varies depending on your zip code and if you're after commercial insurance or private insurance. The price also varies depending on the types of pickup trucks you're planning to insure. Compact pickup owners pay around $119.98 per month on average, while full-size heavy-duty pickup owners should expect to pay around $133.40 per month.

      When looking into requesting truck insurance quotes, you can lower your overall truck insurance cost by bundling together multiple policies. You can also opt for automatic payments to get the best rates for your monthly or yearly premium. This can also help save you time when paying for a single premium.

      Lastly, having anti-theft devices including GPS tracking can help lower the quote that you received for a fleet of pick-up trucks, as companies are more willing to insure vehicles that are more protected.

      Factors That Affect Pickup Truck Insurance Premiums

      Numerous factors will affect the cost of your pickup truck insurance. Companies will examine your business operations and industry to determine what coverage you require and how much you must pay:

      • The make and model of the truck. The more powerful and heavier your truck is, the more expensive it will be to insure. A lightweight pickup truck is more maneuverable and can inflict less harm than a heavier one. That said, the more expensive the truck, the more expensive the repairs will be, which means your insurance premiums will likely increase.
      • The driver's background. A trucker with a spotless driving record will always be able to negotiate a better rate than one with numerous traffic tickets. Even a little speeding ticket can add hundreds to the cost of the policy.
      • Cargo. The load you transport in your truck has an effect on the risk level for insurance and thus on the price. The more hazardous or heavy your freight, the more damage it might inflict in the event of an accident.
      • The radius of operation. The more truck drivers who utilize their vehicle and the greater the distance traveled, the higher the fee. That said, long-haul trucking can entail spending more time behind the wheel, which can result in fatigue, increasing your risk of getting involved in an accident.
      • Business location. There are different pricing methods for every state.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is pick-up truck insurance?

      Pick-up truck insurance is a specific type of auto insurance policy that covers pick-up trucks for risks such as accidents, theft, or damage, similar to regular auto insurance but tailored for pick-up trucks. Providers offer this product in a variety of options to suit different models and situations.

      Do I need pickup truck insurance?

      For businesses and residents, paying an insurance premium for your vehicle is a legal matter in many states. It's an investment that can help protect those who use their pickup truck for personal reasons and safeguard against potential injuries and property damage.

      What does pickup truck insurance cover?

      Depending on the payment plan and how much you pay per month or per year, commercial pickup truck insurance coverage can cover the expensive medical bills, damage to equipment, or trailer. An insurance company can help pay for any damage to your vehicle, whether it's a commercial pickup truck or one for personal use. Different insurers may offer different features.

      How does pick-up truck insurance differ from standard car insurance?

      Pick-up truck insurance may differ from standard car insurance as trucks often have higher value, more capability for damage, and may be used for commercial purposes. Models of trucks, their parts, and their potential to tow trailers are part of the factors that could influence the cost and type of coverage needed.

      What factors affect the cost of pick-up truck insurance?

      The cost of pick-up truck insurance is influenced by a range of factors including the truck's make and model, its use (personal or commercial), the driver's history, and the chosen coverage limits and deductibles. Insurers take into account your credit history, the object being transported, the location, and offer various discounts based on these factors. Your insurance agent can help you in the search for the best comparison of options and guide you through possible savings.

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      Having auto insurance for your pickup truck can help protect you from the worst-case scenario. Auto insurance is a must for anyone that owns a pickup truck, to provide comprehensive protection against a potential collision or any damage that can occur during an accident on the road.

      To shop around for the best commercial truck insurance plans, our team can provide you with a free consultation so that you can get coverage for a future accident. Contact us today at Assured Standard free quote so you can compare different rates from our insurance experts all in one place!

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