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    No one is exempt from the dangers of the road. Whether you are an owner-operator or have a team of drivers working for you, commercial truck insurance is a great way to make sure that everyone's safety and wellbeing are intact.

    Understanding the Importance of Commercial Truck Insurance

    Here are some of the many benefits of finding a reputable commercial truck insurance company:

    Ensures that you are abiding by the law

    Regardless of zip code, commercial truck insurance is required by law. Policies or minimums change depending on your state, but getting coverage for your company ensures that you are abiding by the law and avoiding additional penalties.

    Saves you money in the long-run

    While commercial car insurance can be costly, investing in comprehensive coverage will save you money in the long-run. Medical expenses, legal fees, and other costs can add up and even amount to more than your business can afford.

    Protects your overall business

    Without insurance, unforeseen accidents can make or break companies. Having coverage for your company trucks will protect your company and its ability to operate, but it will also protect your employees and any other person on the road.

    Finding Commercial Truck Insurance With Assured Standard

    As your go-to insurance advisor, you can trust that Assured Standard will help you find the type of coverage best suited to your business. There are different coverages for every kind of commercial trucking need, so you can have a look below at some of your options.

    General Liability Insurance

    This is a policy that's required by law, but this type of insurance may differ from state to state. This policy offers protection for third-party bodily injuries or property damages. Its liability coverage can help pay for legal or medical expenses that arise from these accidents.

    Primary Auto Liability Truck Insurance

    Primary auto liability truck insurance is another policy required by law. The rules, terms, minimums, and requirements of these primary liability insurance policies also differ among states. This trucking insurance policy likewise covers potential property damages and bodily injuries.

    Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

    In the event that a commercial vehicle is subject to fires, crashes, or other road accidents, motor truck cargo insurance protects damage and destruction of its cargo. It is common with for-hire trucking services.

    Bobtail Insurance

    Bobtail insurance can protect drivers who operate commercial vehicles without a trailer under another person's trucking authority. As a liability-only policy, the insurance will only kick in if you are responsible for or involved in an accident, under the aforementioned circumstances.

    Physical Damage Insurance

    Should drivers or owner-operators get into accidents due to theft, fire, vandalism, collisions, natural disasters, or similar circumstances, physical damage insurance is beneficial. If the commercial truck is damaged, it will offer coverage for repairs, or even replace the entire vehicle if needed.

    Supplemental Towing and Cleanup

    Supplemental towing and cleanup is a truck insurance policy that handles both towing and the ensuing cleanup of debris or other materials on the site the accident has occurred.

    Determining Which Truck Insurance Coverage is Right for You

    Working with insurance agents or insurance companies allows you to learn about what type of policy is most important, or how to get potential discounts for multiple types of coverage.

    With the number of risks apparent in the trucking industry, the value of commercial truck insurance should never be undermined. Having guaranteed coverage for your commercial vehicles is one of the wisest decisions you can make as a business owner.

    For more information on what coverage might work best for your business, don't hesitate to contact Assured Standard. We are happy to offer recommendations. Get in touch with us today!

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