Arthur Williamson

Chairman & CEO
Arthur was inspired to start Assured Standard after seeing his sister struggle with finding custom-fit insurance policies for her small business. He knew that owning a small business in Los Angeles could be a competitive and increasingly taxing experience, much so in the early 2000s.

Before founding and becoming chairman and CEO of Assured Standard, Arthur Williamson worked for large organizations worldwide, bringing his expertise to prestigious firms in South East Asia. In addition to his Cornell University degree, Arthur has extensive experience in business administration and management operations in various industries in the San Francisco area.

Thanks to his business administration background and years of insurance protection experience, he knows exactly what small and big businesses need to keep operations running. As Arthur believes, insurance is not just another must-have of every American but a reliable solution for business owners and entrepreneurs to turn to in times of uncertainty while ensuring their lifetimes of financial security are not compromised.
Business Managing
Insurance Expert
Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management, University of California, Berkeley

Arthur Williamson's Articles

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