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    Best Cloud Security Software for Small Businesses in 2022

    Best Cloud Security Software for Small Businesses in 2022

    With the increasing importance of cloud computing for businesses in today's fast-paced world, investing in endpoint security software for small businesses is more important than ever. Installing software that is capable of threat detection can reduce the number of security risks found in cloud environments.

    The top cloud security software options include antivirus and malware detection systems that can prevent your business data from being corrupted, stolen, or wiped out. This includes applications like ESET Protect, Cloudflare, Avast Business Antivirus Pro, and more.

    Top Cloud Security Platform Picks in 2022

    Data from the 2021 Hiscox cyber readiness report showed that the average financial burden of a cyber attack for a small business in the United States can be as high as $25,612.

    To protect operating systems from attack, these top cloud-managed security services enable administrators to perform scans, identify online and offline threats, and prevent valuable data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

    Best for Remote Protection: OpenVPN Cloud

    • Comes with three free connections
    • Provides global cloud coverage across various continents
    • Supports peer-to-peer communication

    OpenVPN's Cloud endpoint security solution provides an extra layer of security for cloud-based networks. It enables companies to set up remote access without giving access to the whole network, for employees that need to access remote desktop, file, or web servers. The VPN secures the gateway and prevents malicious ctors from accessing private data that would otherwise be left open for attack.

    This is particularly beneficial for remote employees or multi-site offices since the software includes both IPv6 and IPv4 support. It also allows users to manually block cyber threats and unwanted content, including DNS attacks. Lastly, it is compatible with peer-to-peer Internet of Things device control and VoIP protocols.

    Best for Cybersecurity Education: Social-Engineer

    • SE Phishing Service: Measures and tracks how employees respond to phishing emails
    • Social Engineering Risk Assessment: Identifies online avenues that leave a business vulnerable to threats
    • Network Penetration Test: Tests the vulnerability of your security software and cloud security

    No matter how much cloud computing security software a company purchases for protection, employees can still fall pretty to common traps like phishing and social engineering attacks. Social-Engineer reduces the workload of IT teams by identifying areas of weakness through threat detection.

    Depending on the type of service you choose, they identify any gaps in your security management and applications. Employees can receive training regarding cloud environments and learn how to respond to real-life events through simulated attacks. This way, you'll be able to reduce the costs of security software and improve your cloud security protocols over time.

    Best for Identity Theft and Protection: CSID Small Business Monitoring

    • Provides global access to companies and is scalable in size
    • User-friendly data security software that can be easily customized
    • Speedy implementation of products for maximum threat detection

    Under Experian, CSID has a specialized cloud-based Internet surveillance technology that can identify compromised business information and shorten incident response times. It alerts end users if there is a match to employee credentials, company URLs, and domains. These can be used for identity theft, enabling unauthorized parties to gain unauthorized use of cloud assets.

    In the event of identity theft, IT specialists can assist with the restoration of information. In addition, they also offer security products that cover fraud detection, transaction monitoring, credit services, data breach mitigation, and threat intelligence.

    Best for Preventing DDoS Attacks: NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection Service

    • Offers flexible connectivity options through Direct, Partner Connect, and GRE Tunnels
    • Provides Detailed security report and cloud computing analytics through the cloud portal
    • Includes multi-vector DDoS attack mitigation with unlimited usage

    Due to the increase of large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, sellers who sell products online are vulnerable to these attacks that can cause outages. To remedy this, NSFOCUS has a highly effective cloud security platform that addresses user compliance, attack detection, and monitors network traffic to fight against cloud computing attacks.

    For small businesses, their virtual IP proxy-based solution for enterprises delivers load balancing functionality for improved performance and resilience, protecting multiple applications with endpoint security and protocol support.

    Best for Website Protection: Cloudflare

    • Has 4 different pricing options for businesses of all shapes and sizes
    • Provides DDoS protection and web application firewalls
    • Includes the ability to issue and manage site security and access control

    For a safer cloud computing environment, Cloudflare's software has both free and paid tools that protect your company's website from SQL injections and denial-of-service attacks that can shut down your site. Their endpoint security management solution keeps cloud providers through threat detection and blocking.

    On their easy-to-use dashboard, users can monitor different applications, block IP addresses, set up firewalls, create SSL security certificates, and obtain a list of detailed security reports. They also provide plenty of add-ons that include monitoring control per-user and by application, rate limiting, load balancing, and more.

    Best for File Encryption: AxCrypt

    • Has password management for multiple passwords, maximizing endpoint security
    • Offers multilingual capabilities for businesses located all over the world
    • Promotes safer online collaboration with other cloud-based users

    For businesses that store their information on cloud applications like Dropbox, security is more important than ever. Unencrypted information can be quickly accessed by thieves. However, cloud computing security software like AxCrypt can make this much safer from prying eyes. AxCrypt also won a PCMag Editors' Choice award in 2021, and currently has over 20 million downloads worldwide.

    With the free version, you can encrypt them with a 128-bit key, while the premium version allows for more advanced 256-bit encryption. This makes cloud-based sharing with colleagues much safer on both mobile and desktop devices.

    Best for Cybersecurity Planning: FCC Small Biz Cyberplanner

    • Offers a free customized cybersecurity plan for cloud-based businesses
    • Covers main security topics of concern for maximum cloud computing protection
    • Helps businesses prepare effective anti-malware tactics in the event of a cyber attack

    Many cloud-based applications and security software options can be expensive for businesses that are just starting out. However, the Federal Communications Commission has created an online cyber planner tool that can point small companies in the right direction. You can choose between various areas of concern, including privacy, email, incident response, and reporting.

    The system will automatically generate a comprehensive plan to help you decide on security management options that best suit your concerns. However, it's important to note that their advice is not a substitute for consulting trained cybersecurity professionals.

    Best for All-in-One Protection System: ESET

    • Customer care is based locally for any security issues and concerns
    • Has an online questionnaire to find which software solution suits your organization
    • Offers a range of data security products geared towards small and medium-sized businesses

    A single solution to solve your file server security issues is ESET. Their range of products comes in custom-tailored bundles that help you protect cloud-native applications, USB drives, and mobile networks. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, iPhone and Android phones, and the majority of email accounts.

    Depending on the size of your company, you can choose from products that include endpoint security, mobile security, remote management, two-factor authentication, and file encryption. They currently offer a 30-day trial to try all of their features so you can check whether it's the right fit for your security needs.

    Best for Antivirus Protection: Avast Business Antivirus Pro

    • Offers data protection against phishing for cloud-based environments
    • Uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud threat lab analysis to detect anomalies
    • Has 6 layers of deep protection for maximum security, compared to other antivirus systems

    For a small cloud-based company, there's a never-ending list of viruses and malicious actors that can target your organization through emails, software, and more. Avast Business Antivirus Pro offers one of the most cutting-edge antivirus products available on the market today. They provide an unparalleled level of protection for maximum compliance to security standards.

    Some interesting features include SharePoint which scans information that is downloaded or uploaded to your business servers. Since deleted files can also be a security risk, the Data Shredder overwrites this information, making it impossible for hackers to obtain original data.

    Best for Machine Learning Enabled Cloud Security: Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

    • Offers a 30-day free trial for potential customers
    • The console is easy to set up and use right after installation
    • The range of features might be overwhelming for new users

    As malware becomes more sophisticated, the role that machine learning plays in responding to cloud computing security threats is undeniable. According to their page, GravityZone is constantly ranked #1 in independent security tests, providing a high standard of security for companies of all sizes.

    They provide a wide range of security features for data protection, including firewall, risk analytics, patch management, URL filtering, cloud lookup, process monitoring, rollback, and anti-malware software to protect against all types of risks.

    Best for Limited Storage Space: Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

    • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and other virtual environments
    • Features remote management and full offline protection for maximum security
    • The multi-language interface supports 14 languages with telephone-based customer support

    One of the most important features of Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is that it only takes up 2MB of disk space, which can be a priority for a business that has limited storage space on its servers. In addition, the cloud-based console allows you to customize your security preferences on the go from a single platform.

    1. 1 the lightweight nature of their product, Webroot provides the use of a wide variety of security services, including the Evasion Shield that provides protection against file-based and fileless script attacks. For those looking for flexibility, they have a lower TCO & flexible payment options that can help you maximize profitability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does cloud security work?

    By using cloud web security, web traffic is routed through clouds and not directly to the server (which would be more susceptible). The cloud analyses this data and only allows legitimate users access while blocking any malicious attempts from getting on your system.

    Why is cloud security better?

    Cloud web security redirects traffic so that the server does not handle any of this data directly and can be left vulnerable to hacks.

    Once you connect to the cloud, your traffic is immediately analyzed and only authorized users are allowed through. This way, on-site servers can be protected from malicious threats because they're never in danger of receiving an unauthorized request.

    What are the types of cloud security?

    The four categories of cloud computing are public, private, hybrid clouds, and multi-tenant. The safest option is to use a private or an on-premise deployment for data security purposes.

    Hybrid cloud setups place some data resides in private clouds while other data resides in shared environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS); on the other hand, community clouds are made up of multiple users with similar needs who want to share resources among their members.

    How do I protect my cloud data from hackers?

    As more businesses rely on cloud storage for important documents, it's critical they ensure local backup of all files as well avoid storing sensitive information in order to protect themselves against hackers.

    Additional safety measures include using data encryption, apply reliable passwords, and take additional security measures such as testing the security of your system periodically by penetration or vulnerability tests services.

    Who owns the cloud?

    The cloud is a collection of servers and computers, owned by some major corporations. Essentially, your data sits on machines you don't have access to; Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are some examples of companies that house these cloud servers.

    When it comes to choosing between different security software options for your business, a cloud-managed service has multiple benefits. Software and updates are managed automatically, and they provide clear reports of any security issues, risks, and threats. However, safeguarding your data and constantly updating security policies for your business can help you keep up with the times.

    For more information, discover how protecting your business from cybersecurity liabilities with cyber liability insurance can give you a financial safety net to fall back on at Assured Standard.

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