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    Business Owner's Policy

    With over 32.5 million businesses currently operating within the United States, according to statistics from Albany Business Review, the competition is steep. For added protection, small business owners should consider investing in a business owners policy or BOP insurance for short. Every business owner needs to protect its employees, assets, and data with legal and financial protection.

    business owner policy

    Business owners' policy combines several different insurance products into a convenient package geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. It is a type of general liability policy with property coverage and business interruption support bundled together at a cheaper rate.

    However, there are different types of business owners' policies available on the market, in addition to a list of eligibility criteria. Different providers have their own specific requirements depending on a business's location, size of the location, business income, and type of business.

    Typically, low-risk industries like retail stores, apartment buildings, smaller restaurants, and single offices can qualify for this policy.

    What is a Business Owners Policy?

    A Business Owner Policy (BOP) combines both property and liability coverage in order to protect smaller businesses. It is available for a business owner who has less than 100 workers and is more affordable than buying these policies separately from an insurance company.

    Why Invest in a Business Owners Policy?

    business owner policy

    General liability insurance can come in handy in the event of a potential lawsuit. If a customer slips and falls at a store, having a BOP can help cover medical and legal fees. BOP insurance can also protect workers who may accidentally cause property damage, mess up company equipment, or harm customers.

    An insurance company can help cover the cost of replacing assets that are stolen or damaged, such as inventory, digital property, and furniture. If private customer data is leaked, BOP policies can also help pay for public relations costs and notify customers of the data breach. Having proof of insurance documents can also be useful for small business owners who need to sign a lease.

    What Does It Cover?

    Most insurance providers create group policies designed for small businesses that combine business interruption coverage to protect their business as well as general liability that covers things like physical damages or destruction of property.

    Property Damage

    This type of coverage protects businesses on their commercial buildings, warehouses, office spaces, and any property owned by the business. It can help cover the cost of debris removal, pollution income, and loss of income for a business owner.

    However, this area tends to exclude damage from natural disasters like earthquakes that can cause injury or damage to a business owner's real estate property. Extending this coverage might be an option to strengthen BOP insurance.

    Bodily Injury

    For every business owner, paying for medical bills can impact their day-to-day operations. The good news is that BOP insurance coverage includes third-party liability coverages such as bodily injury and personal and advertising injury liability.

    It can cover medical expenses incurred by those injured as a result of business activity, including both workers and customers. However, some exclusions of BOP include host liquor liability and damage to rented premises.

    Income Losses Due To Business Interruption

    Another area covered by a BOP policy, in addition to property and liability insurance, is business interruption insurance. If business operations and business income are impacted by a fire, smoke damage, or a similar catastrophe, an insurance company can protect small businesses by covering the loss of income. They might also shoulder the costs of renting out a temporary business location.

    Other Considerations

    business owner policy

    However, a BOP does not usually take into account aspects like professional liability, personal injury, defamation, workers' compensation, disability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance. Some business types should consider investing in optional coverage outside of BOP insurance that an insurance company might provide, such as commercial auto insurance and crime insurance.

    Crime Insurance

    Crime insurance is designed to protect companies from business-related crime. This provides coverage for cash, merchandise, assets, and property loss related to a crime. While it's not usually part of a BOP policy, it is helpful for businesses that are prone to being victims of fraud, copyright infringement, forgery, theft, robbery, embezzlement, and more.

    Company Vehicle Insurance

    Business property like cars, trucks, and vans can also be protected by an insurance company. A BOP doesn't provide standard coverage plans for commercial auto insurance, but it can be purchased separately. During vehicular accidents, having company vehicle insurance can be a useful complement to physical injury or property insurance.

    Flood Insurance

    Many commercial property business insurance policies fail to include flood insurance as part of their programs. The National Flood Insurance Program provides a range of options for business owners looking to protect their property. It is also mandatory if a business owns property located in a flood-prone area and is mortgaged through a lender that is insured or regulated by the federal government.

    What Doesn't It Cover?

    business owner policy

    A BOP typically focuses on insuring your business against physical liability and property damage. This means that small businesses can still be vulnerable to other types of situations. Additional coverage policies that business owners should consider purchasing aside from BOP include worker's compensation, professional liability coverage, and more.

    Professional Liability Insurance

    For those who are real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, and accountants, professional liability policies cover business that offers their services and expertise. Professional services are prone to lawsuits from customers who receive bad advice or malpractice due to incorrectly performed services. General forms of insurance don't cover this, but it is crucial to help protect your business from expensive court battles.

    Employee Practices Liability Insurance

    Also known as EPL insurance or EPLI, this form of insurance protects employers from claims made by workers related to workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, or being unable to promote.

    Smaller business owners are especially vulnerable to employment claims because they don't usually have a legal department to deal with the complex processes of hiring and terminating workers.

    Workers Compensation

    business owner policy

    Worker's compensation takes care of the financial needs of workers who suffer from injury or disability at their place of work. It is mandatory in almost every state, so a business owner should consider looking into the plans that they offer. This policy typically covers medical fees and waives the right of the employee to sue their employer.

    Cyber Risk Insurance

    One convenient form of coverage that a small business should also consider is cyber insurance. With many businesses storing sensitive data online and conducting virtual transactions, having this policy in place can help recover lost data, repair reputation damage, and pay for any legal settlements and fees as a result of data breaches.

    Data breach coverage only covers some financial aspects of a cyber attack and is more suitable for smaller businesses. However, coverage against cyber threats is more extensive than data breach coverage, as it also offers coverage for lawsuits linked to customer or employee privacy and security and any fines from state and federal agencies.

    Terrorism Insurance

    Although it may be the worst-case scenario for every business owner, the threat of terrorism should be considered beyond a BOP policy. This extends coverage to any damaged and destroyed property as well as losses in the event of a terrorist attack and other acts of war. Worker's compensation policies also include this form of protection for employees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in the coverage of a BOP?

    Business owners insurance (BOP) covers employees and businesses, parties included in the contract, and in some instances, suppliers. Small to medium-sized businesses should consider investing in a BOP because it combines general liability and commercial property insurance coverages.

    The costs of covering customer physical injuries, material losses, accidents, and lawsuits can all harm a small business and prevent it from finding success in the long run.

    Why should businesses consider investing in a BOP?

    A small to medium-sized business with a physical store should strongly consider getting a BOP in order to address the threat of getting sued. Any business that has physical or digital assets is vulnerable to these being damaged or hacked into, making business liability protection extremely vital.

    What are the requirements for a Business Owners Policy?

    There is a list of various requirements that a business should think about when investing in a BOP. Often, those in low-risk industries are more likely to qualify for this umbrella policy, if they're looking for a combination of general liability insurance and property insurance coverage at a discount.

    Those with less than 100 workers, operate within a small office or workplace, earn less than $1 million in annual revenue, and require less than 12 months of business interruption insurance meet most qualifications.

    For document particulars, you can set an appointment with an insurance agent to review their overall Business Owners' Policy (BOP) insurance program and get a good quote for your needs.

    Find the Best Business Owners Policy Insurance with Assured Standard

    In order to find the most reputable company with the most suitable BOP plan, it's worth doing research into each insurance policy to find out which one offers the widest coverage and at the best price. Depending on your zip code, the BOP policy might vary from place to place, so it's best to look at the legal requirements within your own state.

    Considering customer reviews and the reputation of each insurance company can also help business owners decide which BOP best fits their needs in terms of property and liability coverage.

    While BOP combines several coverages at a more affordable cost, things like cyber threats, workers compensation, flood insurance, and crime insurance aren't usually included in the coverage of a BOP policy, so looking into additional insurance plans can help protect your business and provide added peace of mind for every business owner.

    For more information on what BOP policy is the best for your company, take the first step to gain expert insights on tailor-made coverage options from a range of insurance companies and contact us at Assured Standard today!

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