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    Motor Truck General Liability

    For motor trucking companies, risk comes with the territory. From bodily injury and property damage to combating libel and slander exposures, disaster can strike anytime. That’s why having motor truck general liability insurance is so important. 

    This type of general liability insurance can help prepare for worst-case scenarios long before they happen. Depending on your need, these scenarios can provide relief in several ways you might not even expect. 

    Why Do You Need General Liability Coverage?

    As mentioned above, general liability is vital in mitigating the risk that comes as a result of business activities. Though the policy is not required by law, operating without this truck insurance can be disastrous. 

    Most motor carrier businesses do not have the capital to address lawsuits such as injury liability medical claims.

    Operating without a policy for insurance general liability can also discourage other companies from doing business. Since they cannot be assured of payment for injury and property damage that is directly related to operating hours, there is little incentive for partnership. 

    What Does Motortruck General Liability Cover?

    Situations Which Can be Covered 

    Motor truck general liability can mitigate quite a few scenarios, as seen below: 

    1. Libel and slander exposures 
    2. Accidental fire caused by a company employee’s error. 
    3. Erroneous delivery of products Damage liability personal injury resulting from customer accidents on company premises.

    Additional Details 

    Motor-truck general liability insurance may provide coverage options that cover a lot of situations, including operations damage to premises and activities not directly related to truck use. A comprehensive list is seen below: 

    1. General liability medical payments 
    2. Damage to premises rented to your motor truck company for at least seven days. 
    3. Personal injury and advertising injury liability
    4. Property damage liability personal claim 
    5. Bodily injury liability 
    6. Injuries or property damage you may cause as a result of holding business activities not directly related to operating your truck. 
    7. Products completed operations damage liability, which includes delivery of someone else’s goods. 

    How Do You Choose the Right General Liability Trucking Insurance?

    Find the right amount that the business will need

    How much trucker’s general liability insurance you need is dependent on the size of your company. If you employ in the hundreds or thousands, your motor truck general liability coverage will need to be in the millions. If you employ a dozen, you will need a lot less truck general liability insurance.  

    Find out which liabilities you’re looking to address

    It would be best if you asked which liabilities you have to deal with first, based on your business plan.  How often do customers have to pass through the workplace? Are they likely to meet accidents? You should then plan for coverages such as bodily injury. Trucks that go through loading docks, truck stops, and other areas in non-company premises will need to be prioritized for trucking insurance if they face the most risk with property damage you cause. 

    Additional Resources

    California Department of Insurance 

    The California Department of Insurance website is an easy to read resource. It gives you a detailed rundown of definitions of all of the types of insurance, including commercial general liability insurance and automobile insurance. 

    American Trucking Association 

    The American Trucking Association is the largest national trade organization that advocates for the US trucking industry. It is empowered to carry out arbitrations between company and customer parties when a loss or damage claim is filed. 

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 

    The FMSCA is an independent government authority from the DOTA. It is in charge of regulation and safety oversight of 500,000 commercial trucking companies.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Motor Truck General Liability Insurance?

    Motor Truck General Liability Insurance covers trucking businesses against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of business operations not directly related to operating a truck.

    Is Motor Truck General Liability Insurance required for all trucking businesses?

    It's not legally required, but it is often required by shippers and freight brokers, and it provides important protection for the business.

    What are some examples of situations covered by Motor Truck General Liability Insurance?

    This type of insurance typically covers incidents like a customer getting injured at your place of business, or damages caused by mistakes in advertising.

    How does Motor Truck General Liability Insurance differ from Primary Liability Insurance?

    While Primary Liability Insurance covers damages and injuries to other parties when the truck is being used for business, Motor Truck General Liability Insurance covers other business-related liability risks not directly related to operating the truck.

    Can Motor Truck General Liability Insurance be bundled with other insurance types?

    Yes, it is often bundled with other types of commercial trucking insurance, such as cargo insurance or physical damage coverage, in a business owner's policy.

    Investing in Motor Truck General Liability Insurance

    As we’ve mentioned before, the risk is part of the business. An investment in this type of truck insurance is ultimately an investment in your company's future health. 

    Motor truck general liability may not be required by law but owning one is practically an unspoken rule for doing business.

    Few can predict when one of your trucks might take a wrong turn through another company’s docks truck stops, etc., leaving you in trouble. 

    In this case, it might be better to plan for the future rather than wait for it to happen to you. 

    To learn more about the benefits of Motor Truck Cargo Insurance and how it fits into your overall risk management strategy, read our blog post about it today.

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