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    North Carolina Worker's Compensation

    North Carolina Worker's Compensation

    Given that approximately 10 million people reside in North Carolina, it is not unexpected that many of them are working in small businesses. Approximately 98% of all North Carolina businesses and 46% of the state's private employment are small businesses. 

    If you own a small business in North Carolina, the following information will help you understand workers’ compensation insurance. It assists in providing benefits to employees who sustain an injury or illness on the job. It can help cover a worker's medical expenses and replace a portion of their lost wages if they are unable to work. In North Carolina, if you have three or more employees, you must have workers' compensation coverage.

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    What Workers’ Compensation Covers In North Carolina 

    Workers' compensation in North Carolina can help cover:

    • Ongoing care: A workplace accident or illness may necessitate continuing care for the employee. For instance, if a person is wounded on the job and requires physical treatment, or if a worker becomes ill due to their employment and requires rehabilitation services. In such situations, workers' compensation would help cover the medical expenses of your employees.
    • Missed or lost wages: A work-related injury or illness may result in an employee's absence from work. Workers' compensation can assist in compensating a portion of your injured employees' lost wages throughout their rehabilitation period.
    • Illness: North Carolina's working environment may expose people to hazardous chemicals or allergens that might cause disease. If an employee becomes ill on the job, workers' compensation may cover medical expenses.
    • Funeral costs: If an employee dies due to a work-related incident, this coverage can help with funeral expenses.
    • Repetitive injury: Not all workplace injuries occur in a single event. Repetitive strain throughout the workday might lead to repetitive injuries.
    • Accident or injury: If an employee is injured on the job, workers' compensation coverage can help cover medical expenses.
    • Disability benefits: Some workplace injuries are so serious that the victim may never return to work. In certain instances, individuals may be able to return to work in a different capacity. Workers' compensation can assist injured employees in paying for medical expenses and replace some lost wages.

    How Workers’ Compensation Works In North Carolina

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    When an employee becomes ill or injured on the job, they must:

    • Notify their employer of the accident within 30 days
    • File a claim for workers' compensation to the state Industrial Commission

    To submit a claim, an employee must fill out Form 18. This form must be submitted within two years after the date of the injury or illness. When submitting a claim, the employee must demonstrate:

    • That their work caused their illness or injury
    • A relationship of employment with the employer
    • The injury or illness resulted in NCWCA-covered damages

    The North Carolina Industrial Commission handles medical bills associated with claims.

    The Commission is also in charge of the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule. The North Carolina workers' comp fee schedule specifies how much providers are permitted to charge for their services.

    Keep in mind that if your employee's doctor advises treatment that your insurance provider is unwilling to cover, your employee may need to hire workers' compensation attorneys.

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    Today, you can also discover more about workers' compensation by requesting a quotation.

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