Business Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance | What Is E&O Insurance?
You put a lot of time and energy into running your business. However, mistakes happen and, in some cases, those errors can cost you money. One of the many ways ...
Professional Liability Insurance | Get The Cheapest Rates in 2020
Even if you consider yourself an expert in the field, you are still prone to mistakes. If a client thinks your mistake has impacted them financially in any way, they ...
General Liability Insurance 2020: Small Businesses, Contractors and More
Regardless of the industry, every company faces potential risks during normal operations. To help protect companies from these risks, one of the most important things a business can consider adding ...
Business Owner's Policy | Eligibility Requirements in 2020
Any business that deals with the general public is at risk of being found liable for personal injury or property damage. To help protect business owners from these instances, business ...
Equipment Breakdown Coverage: What You Need To Know
Do you have several types of expensive equipment in your house or your commercial building that losing or breaking them would also break the bank? I say worry no more ...
Commercial Property Insurance: What You Need To Know
Your business is growing. Your revenue is booming. Things are great. However, you know that everything is still at risk, and it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. You need to ...
Certificate of Liability Insurance: Requirements For Small Businesses
Starting a small business requires more than just great product or service marketing. Consider getting documents like a certificate of liability insurance for liability concerns. Look at it as a ...
Data Breach Insurance – Reduce Risks from Data Loss & Attacks in 2022
Your company deals with data. Whether it’s employee data, customer data, proprietary data, or something else - data is part of your business. The scary thing is that data has ...
Cyber Liability Insurance in 2022: Coverage & Costs
Nearly every business today uses computers to store, send, and collect electronic data. This data could include everything from your company’s tax information or proprietary secrets. You might also store ...
Commercial Insurance to Protect Your Business
Business owners have to deal with different types of risks each day. This is why having business insurance with the right coverage is essential in order to protect its physical ...
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Assured Standard will protect your business with the right insurance, depending on your needs. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have the right general liability insurance experts on your side. Protecting the future of your business starts today.
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