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Sentry: Commercial Truck Insurance Review

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    Commercial Truck Insurance
    Sentry: Commercial Truck Insurance Review

    While several institutions offer the comprehensive insurance policies that fleet owners need, small startups still have limited choices. Insurers generally prefer tenured trucking companies with a sizable fleet. Insuring multiple units offsets the losses from road accident claims, enabling insurance providers to turn a better profit.

    If you need affordable coverage for just one or two units, turn to Sentry truck insurance! Sentry offers customizable truck insurance policies for small-scale truckers with minimal business tenure. Most of their clients even consist of single-truck companies. We encourage all individual owner-operators to explore the different Sentry commercial truck insurance policies available.

    Sentry’s History

    Sentry Insurance

    Sentry has undergone several changes over the past century. The company started as an in-house mutual insurance company for the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association in 1904. The company’s sole purpose was initially to insure the hardware’s members.

    In 1914, the company founded a separate insurance company, and they began writing auto insurance policies two years later. At this point, the policies were no longer limited to the hardware employees.

    The Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association mutual insurance company gradually expanded its offerings through the decades. However, it had its turning point in 1962. The company was officially renamed Sentry, thus becoming a mutual insurance company for the masses.

    Today, Sentry ranks among the most reputable insurance providers in the market. They offer customizable commercial insurance policies in every state and have more than 4,500 employees.

    The Basics of Sentry’s Commercial Truck Coverage  

    Do you want to learn more about Sentry select truck insurance? We have you covered! This in-depth guide will walk you through the basics of their truck insurance policies, the company’s financial strength, and their unique offers. 

    Coverages That Can Come With Sentry’s Commercial Truck Policy

    Coverages That Can Come With Sentry’s Commercial Truck Policy

    As most Sentry truck insurance reviews mention, the company offers customizable policies. They offer extensive coverage options geared toward various clients, from individual owner-operators to established truckers overseeing large fleets.

    Although having several policy options might seem convenient, it can also feel intimidating for first-time truckers. Jump-start your review of Sentry by comparing their top coverage options.

    • Commercial Auto Liability: Commercial auto liability covers third-party property and bodily damages involving your company vehicles. Consult your Sentry agent about the limitation of this coverage. Some insurers only approve commercial auto liability claims if the involved vehicle was operated by a full-time employee.
    • Non-Trucking Liability: Non-trucking liability covers accidents wherein the trucker used their vehicle for non-business purposes. This coverage includes property damages and bodily injuries. Sentry should approve your NTL claim as long as the involved vehicle was not under dispatch at the time, regardless of whether it carried cargo or not.
    • Physical Damage: Trucking physical damage includes all first-party coverage options: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance covers collision accidents, while comprehensive insurance covers non-collision incidents like fire, theft, and vandalism. 
    • General Damage: General damage or general liability insurance protects your business from various commercial risks, such as road accidents, customer injury, cargo damage, and advertising injury. The state mandates all truckers to carry general damage. Vehicles under 10,000 pounds need at least $300,000 worth of coverage, while larger trucks need $750,000 to $1,000,000.
    • Cyber Damage: Cyber damage is a new coverage that protects truckers from cyberattacks. This coverage is a must for any trucking service provider that carries sensitive company and client Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

    Discounts That Sentry Offers on Commercial Truck Insurance

    Sentry is one of the few insurers that also accommodate smaller trucking companies. You can customize their policies to match your insurance needs and budget as you scale your business. Single-truck owner-operators can start with the mandated coverage requirements. On the other hand, established truckers can explore additional coverages as they haul higher-value cargo.

    However, truckers get even better deals by participating in Sentry’s discount programs, such as:

    • Cargo theft prevention with CargoNet™
    • Criminal background checks and MVRs by IntelliCorp®
    • Drug and alcohol testing
    • Mobile online safety training powered by CarriersEdge®
    • Video coaching and training with Lytx® DriveCam®

    Sentry’s Financial Strength

    Sentry’s Financial Strength

    Although reading dozens of Sentry insurance semi truck reviews gives you an overall grasp of the company, truckers should focus on financial strength. An insurer’s reliability heavily depends on its financial resources. 

    Insurance providers with insufficient funds to approve claims might reject their policyholders by the thousands. In the worst case, the insurer could file for bankruptcy. Of course, bankrupt insurance providers still have to compensate their policyholders for their losses. However, the repayment may take years. 

    Fortunately, Sentry truck insurance reviews show that the company has relatively solid financial ratings. Yes, Sentry is smaller than other insurers. However, the company also boasts more than a century’s worth of industry experience, which enabled them to provide coverage in all 50 states.

    To get a more accurate assessment of Sentry’s financial strength, check how the most reputable independent agencies ranked the company:

    AM Best Financial Rating

    AM Best gave Sentry a Financial Strength Rating of A+ (superior) for the 30th consecutive year.

    The Benefits of Working With Sentry 

    First-timers might find it confusing to navigate through the different truck insurance providers. After all, there are dozens of insurers in the country. Between high-risk insurance specialists and cheap primary liability coverages, truckers might not know which policy to prioritize.

    Moreover, multiple websites review these companies. A quick Google search will already pull up millions of results comparing the top truck insurance providers in your area. These pieces sometimes even have clashing opinions.

    Fortunately, this brief section will help first-timers assess if their trucking business is compatible with Sentry, one of the most notable insurers in the industry. Instead of scrolling through the Sentry insurance semi truck reviews online, do a personal assessment first. Check out the unique benefits that Sentry offers!

    • Flexible Coverage: Sentry prides itself in providing customizable coverages. Policyholders have the freedom to adjust their policy coverage as high or low as they need. On the other hand, other insurers set minimum policy requirements. Although Sentry select truck insurance applies to a diverse range of truckers, they generally focus on providing accessible, affordable insurance to single-truck startups.
    • Experienced Claims Staff: Truckers can feel at ease knowing that Sentry handles their claims processing themselves. They do not outsource. With an in-house staff compiling and reviewing all their claims, they significantly streamlined processing. Policyholders can even file claims through the phone. You can also expect to hear from their team after a week or two from filing a claim.
    • Safety Programs: Like most truck insurers, Sentry prioritizes safety. They offer an extensive selection of safety training programs to minimize road accidents. Moreover, they encourage policyholders to take part in these with exclusive perks. You can consult your local agent for a more detailed explanation of the benefits that each program yields.
    • Statewide Availability: Sentry is available in all 50 states. The company hires advisors in its satellite branches to look for prospects and represent the company. If you want a Sentry truck and tractor insurance policy, go through their agent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you still have some questions about commercial truck coverage? Check out what most first-time truckers ask about Sentry truck and tractor insurance policies.

    What type of insurance is Sentry?

    Sentry is a mutual insurance company, meaning most of it is owned by shareholders. Although they offer a diverse range of policies, most of their offers revolve around commercial and business coverage.

    How much is pickup truck insurance a month?

    Most truckers pay $1,500 to $2,000 per annum to insure one pickup truck, so expect monthly premiums to set you back around $150. Of course, bear in mind that the actual quote changes on a case-by-case basis.

    What is a commercial insurer?

    By textbook definition, a commercial insurer is any institution that provides insurance coverage to corporations, enterprises, and even SMBs. Their policies typically cover business risks.

    Why is truck Insurance so expensive?

    Trucks cost more to insure because of their higher risk assessment. Not only do their repairs and replacement parts cost significantly more, but they are also more prone to road accidents.

    What type of insurance is needed for hotshot trucking?

    Hotshot trucking services typically deal with fragile, hazardous cargo, hence the need for specific coverages. Apart from the mandated $750,000 primary liability insurance, you’ll also need extra hotshot insurance to cover your time-sensitive, high-risk cargo.

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    Sentry In A Nutshell

    Overall, Sentry truck insurance is an excellent option for trucking service providers of all sizes. You can customize your policy based on your need. Whether you manage a sizeable fleet or own and operate a single semi-trailer truck, Sentry will help you get the ideal coverage.

    For best results, ask your Sentry commercial truck insurance for help with drafting your policy. Sentry will assign you a designated local agent. They should guide you through the ins and outs of their policies, so you don't have to figure out the contract specifics yourself anymore.

    Deepen your understanding of commercial truck insurance options with insights from our State Farm review. Compare and contrast the coverage details provided in our Sentry review to make well-informed decisions for your business needs.

    Does your trucking business meet all the mandated insurance requirements? Let Assured Standard shed some light on the topic! Check out our resources page for helpful, in-depth commercial truck insurance guides.

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