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What Happens If I Cancel My Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy Midway Through?

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    What Happens If I Cancel My Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy Midway Through?

    One of the biggest concerns people who get insurance policies may have is what will happen if they have to cancel their coverage prematurely. For whatever reason you may have for wanting to cancel your commercial trucking insurance policy—finding a better rate elsewhere or giving up your business for the time being – there are a few things to keep in mind. 

    Before anything else, consider why you are planning on canceling your policy and make sure that you understand the risks. Stopping your coverage may cause providers to flag your account, and possibly increase your rates if you return to using the same coverage in the future. Many experts actually advise having a backup policy ready before you cancel your current one.

    What Happens If I Cancel My Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy Midway Through

    This is also advisable, as driving without an insurance policy is illegal in most states. 

    Also, you should consult directly with your insurance agent or provider regarding the specifics of your case and account. There is a possibility that you will be eligible for a refund if your policy is already prepaid. 

    Depending on what they say, you may be able to cancel without any penalties. In some cases, you may just have to pay for payments or premiums you have had prior to canceling. Canceling your policy midway may not affect your credit.

    The answer may also differ per state. California, for example, requires that carriers return funds within 60-80 days upon canceling.

    Make sure that you receive a confirmation for your cancellation request from your previous provider to avoid any complications along the way. 

    Want to know more about how insurance can be beneficial for you and your business? Contact Assured Standard to learn more! 

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