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What Is Intermodal In Trucking Insurance?

What Is Intermodal In Trucking Insurance?

New owner-operators might not know this, but trucking businesses require varying insurance policies depending on their specialties. Generic coverages yield negligible advantages. For instance, if you specialize in intermodal trucking, a standard truck insurance policy might not cover all the road accidents and hazards that your trips face.

Intermodal shipping involves cargo delivered through various modes of transportation. These goods often come in containers. Moving container-based cargo in several vehicles comes with several unique risks, which standard truck insurance does not cover. You will typically need intermodal truck insurance if you specialize in these types of freight.

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Liability Coverages Needed for Intermodal Trucking

The need for extensive, practical intermodal trucking insurance is higher than ever. Statistics show that the trucking industry loses hundreds of millions of dollars annually to truck cargo theft. Most trucks now carry high-value gadgets, after all.

To ensure that your intermodal trucking services are safe from start to finish, opt for policies with the following coverages.

  • Primary liability
  • Drayage 
  • Over-the-Road (OTR)
  • Warehouseman’s liability coverage
  • Inland marine coverage

When shopping for intermodal trucking insurance policies, consult at least three different insurers. Intermodal policies vary from provider to provider. Shop around and extensively compare the various benefits offered to see which ones match your insurance needs best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is intermodal trucking insurance?

Intermodal trucking insurance provides coverage for cargo delivered through various modes of transportation, typically involving containers. It's specifically designed to cover the unique risks associated with intermodal shipping.

Why is intermodal trucking insurance necessary?

Intermodal trucking insurance is necessary due to the unique risks associated with the transport of container-based cargo through various modes of transportation. Standard truck insurance may not cover all potential accidents and hazards related to intermodal freight.

What coverages are essential for intermodal trucking?

Essential coverages for intermodal trucking include primary liability, drayage, Over-the-Road (OTR), warehouseman’s liability coverage, and inland marine coverage.

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