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What is IPv6 Firewall Protection?

What is IPv6 Firewall Protection?

When it comes to dealing with viruses, malware, and other online threats to your business, having firewall protection in place can help defend your network. IPv6 firewall protection effectively filters and blocks outsiders from gaining access to confidential company data. However, it needs to be properly enabled to maximize web security and prevent data loss. 

Investing in managed security services with the necessary expertise to update your existing firewall can efficiently shield your business from the latest cybersecurity threats. This typically includes services like 24/7 safety monitoring, performing security assessments, and providing action-based recommendations. 

Security Benefits of IPv6

Created to replace the outdated IPv4 protocol, IPv6 extends IP addresses from 32 bits to 128 bits which are designed to accommodate the growing needs of modern technology. Some updated security benefits of the IPv6 system include: 

  • End-to-end encryption, which can be used by compatible devices and systems makes it more difficult for attackers to interrupt a conversation or data transfer
  • More secure name resolution, through the Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) protocol that helps with host-identity confirmation
  • Reduces the incidence of ARP attacks 

Potential Issues with IPv6

Although making the switch to IPv6 can upgrade the cybersecurity efforts of your business, there are some areas of concern to look over during the transition process:

  • Lack of default firewall integration with IPv6 (businesses may have to set this up manually)
  • Deployment and configuration differences between IPv4 and IPv6 related to troubleshooting and security logs
  • Partial adaptation of the system can leave security gaps for malicious actors 
  • Increased efforts of cybercriminals to circumvent IPv6 firewalls, leading to the need for additional updates and security measures 

With the increasing adoption of IPv6, there are a number of design challenges that can impact the level of protection for your business. Relying on a firewall to protect your data can leave you vulnerable to other attacks, so following this list of cybersecurity tips and best practices can help address any gaps within your security system.

Despite your best efforts, a security breach can still occur during a worst-case scenario. Having cyber liability insurance in place can mitigate the financial impacts of this loss and help you contact customers impacted during this breach. Reach out to us at Assured Standard today for your free cyber insurance quote and consultation.

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