What State Has The Cheapest Commercial Truck Insurance?

What State Has The Cheapest Commercial Truck Insurance?
by Arthur Williamson

Cheapest State for Commercial Truck Insurance

Insurance is a common cost when you’re in the trucking industry. It's there to protect you from accidents, regardless if they're your fault or not! The amount and rates can change depending on where you live; some states offer high-quality insurance at low prices while others have very pricey policies with little coverage. Make sure that whichever company offers an affordable policy for your needs has the highest standard possible when it comes to quality assurance!

Mississippi has the lowest commercial truck insurance rates in the United States. In some cases, they're four times lower than other states. For instance, the estimated cost of insurance for a company with one truck is $4,664 if it's located in Mississippi; compared to another state, like Georgia, this could reach up to $20,641 per year.

Saving on insurance costs goes beyond where you operate — it also lies in what type of coverage you get. Check out Assured Standard’s guide to what kind of commercial truck insurance you need to find out what coverages are non-negotiables for your business.

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