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At What Point Does An Insurance Company For A Trucking Company Drop You

At What Point Does An Insurance Company For A Trucking Company Drop You

While your truck insurer might increase your policy premium after a claim, is it possible for them to drop your policy altogether? While uncommon, the answer is yes. Auto insurers may cancel the truck insurance policy of a trucker who was caught driving intoxicated, has made too many claims within a short period, or missed too many premium payments.

When Will Your Truck Insurer Drop You?

Truck insurers reserve the right to cancel a client’s policy, but they cannot act unjustly. Most states have specific auto insurance laws preventing insurers from denying clients of their well-deserved benefits. 

Your insurer can only drop your policy if you:

  • Make too many claims. Filing too many accident claims hurts your insurability, thus pushing you to a higher-risk category.
  • Miss several premiums. Policy owners might not receive benefits if they have already missed several premium payments in the past year.
  • Drive while impaired. Truckers who get into an accident while impaired might not receive their full benefits.

Overall, most insurers only drop delinquent truckers. If you maintain a fair driving record and pay premiums on time, then your insurer likely will not cancel your policy after one or two claims. In the worst case, they’ll only increase your premiums.

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