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    California Commercial Auto Insurance

    California Commercial Auto Insurance

    Many of California's 3.9 million small companies require commercial auto insurance to protect their vehicles from accidents and other disasters. Commercial vehicles are frequently exposed to more liability than personal vehicles, so personal auto policies rarely cover them.

    More than 700,000 small business owners trust us to secure their work cars and livelihoods across the country. However, when looking for commercial auto insurance, it's important to remember that not all insurance companies are the same and offer the same coverage. 

    Read on to learn how to get California business insurance and how it can help you run a successful company. 

    Requirements For Commercial Auto In California

    California state law mandates a minimum liability coverage of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $5,000 for property damage on all commercial auto plans (i.e., 15/30/5). Because of the sorts of vehicles they insure, some policies are mandated to have greater limits.

    Separate coverage criteria will apply to automobiles with a USDOT or CA state serial number. Semi-trucks and other large vehicles traveling interstate, for example, must carry a minimum combined single limit of $750,000, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    What Commercial Auto Insurance Covers In California

    Essentially, commercial automobile coverage protects your organization against any responsibility arising from the usage of autos in your business and any damage to the insured vehicle. 

    A commercial auto insurance policy might provide coverage for business, personal, non-owned, or hired autos based on the coverage acquired and applied to each scheduled auto. 

    As a result, autos and their associated coverages may be arranged independently. Vehicle coverage varies, and a symbol or multiple symbols identify the coverage provided to a scheduled vehicle.

    Medical Payments CoverageIf employees and passengers are harmed in a company-owned vehicle, regardless of fault, this coverage pays for medical bills.
    Comprehensive CoverageNon-collision damages such as vandalism, theft, water, or fire are covered.
    Loading And Unloading CoverageThis protects equipment and commodities from damage during transport, loading, and unloading.
    Collision CoverageThis covers the cost of repairing or replacing your work car if it is damaged in an accident, regardless of who is to blame.
    Towing And Labor CoverageFor company-owned automobiles, this covers the expense of roadside assistance.
    Bobtail CoverageWhen utilizing tractors without a trailer, this is advised. It normally covers the insured vehicle at all times, including while it is not being used for work.

    Cost Of Commercial Auto Insurance In California

    For most small business owners, commercial auto insurance will cost between $50 and $200 per month or $600 to $2,400 per year. This applies to each business vehicle they have covered.

    Commercial auto insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors. A unique combination of factors will determine your monthly commercial auto insurance cost.

    The most straightforward approach to determining the cost of your commercial auto insurance is to request quotations. You can customize your policy to your particular requirements.

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