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How Can Small Trucking Companies Get Affordable Insurance?

How Can Small Trucking Companies Get Affordable Insurance?

In the past decade, the price of trucking insurance has become less affordable for many companies. Because of this, it can be more difficult for smaller companies to gain access to affordable trucking insurance rates. However, depending on the state you live in, there are cheaper commercial truck insurance plans that suit a variety of needs. 

To lower trucking insurance costs, there are several actions that companies with limited budgets can take. This includes hiring drivers with a good track record, following legal regulations, having a written safety policy, and bundling together several insurance plans from the same company. 

Hire drivers with a good track record

Insurance companies tend to vary the cost of premiums based on the previous records of truck drivers. Those that have plenty of speeding tickets, accidents, and other violations tend to be associated with higher levels of risk and may raise the cost of trucking insurance. As a result, it may be more cost-effective to hire drivers with more careful habits. 

Abide by legal regulations

Complying with state and federal trucking regulations can lower the cost of trucking insurance premiums as well. Safety checks, roadside inspections, and audits can cost your business large amounts of money if you fail to meet minimum standards. This way, you’ll also spend less on fines and other penalties. 

Create a safety policy

Trucking companies that have safety policies are more likely to be given lower insurance premiums because they carry less risk. Having regular safety training for drivers along with anti-drug and alcohol abuse policies can lead to more affordable premiums in the long run. 

Bundle together insurance premiums 

Finally, applying for multiple trucking insurance plans from the same company can significantly lower costs. They might be willing to offer discounts and special payment plans for your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can small trucking companies do to lower insurance costs?

Small trucking companies can reduce insurance costs by hiring experienced drivers with good records, complying with legal regulations, implementing a comprehensive safety policy, and bundling multiple insurance policies.

Does the track record of drivers affect insurance premiums?

Yes, drivers with a history of speeding tickets, accidents, or violations are associated with higher risk and can lead to increased insurance costs.

Can bundling insurance policies help reduce costs?

Yes, applying for multiple insurance plans from the same provider can lead to discounted rates and special payment plans, reducing overall costs.

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