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How Much Is Cargo Van Insurance?

How Much Is Cargo Van Insurance?

Trucking companies that carry or haul a load without insurance may have to pay the cost of legal fees and other fines in the event of physical damage to their cargo. In addition to insurance coverage, there are several legal requirements when it comes to securing cargo that truckers need to be aware of.

The average cost of cargo van insurance ranges between $50 to $120 per month depending on your location, size of your vehicle, driving history, coverage limits, and type of cargo you carry. However, if you’re transporting dangerous goods, expect to pay significantly higher fees to purchase coverage for your cargo van. 

The Importance of Cargo Van Insurance

Cargo van insurance can come in handy if you’re using your van for commercial use. For instance, florists, cake deliveries, mechanic repair vehicles, and other businesses may need coverage in the event of an auto accident. 

When you transport goods, cargo van insurance can help cover the cost of replacing lost cargo, paying legal fees, and physical repairs as well. 

Read on at Assured Standard to learn more about how the type of van you drive impacts the cost of your insurance plan!

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