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How To Find A Good Trucking Insurance Agent

How To Find A Good Trucking Insurance Agent

While most commercial trucking insurance companies have options to apply online, some may opt to go the traditional way and get an insurance agent. They’ll have the technical know-how to recommend what policies work best for your business and can explain all the necessary filings you need. However, the question stands: how do you find the best trucking insurance agent? 

To find the right agent, you must check whether the agent is familiar with all types of truck insurance coverages, is associated with different truck insurance companies to help you find the best fit for your business, and is familiar with federal filing and what the CSA is

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Good Trucking Insurance Agent

To make the best deal for your business, first, be sure about the agent you are choosing. Below are the factors that’ll help you in making a wise decision. 

Don’t Stick To One Agent

Pretty much every agent that you meet will try to gain your trust and give you various explanations — but you should have done your research well before you choose an agent to know what to look out for. Make sure to reach out to multiple agents and get as many quotes as you can, as a variety of options can help you find the best insurance at the best rates.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

It's critical to understand that the person who appears in front of you as an agent is well-versed in trucking insurance. You may inquire about his expertise in various sorts of insurances, for example, bobtail insurance, physical damage insurance, general liability insurance, etc.  

Does this agent represent a variety of trucking insurance carriers so that your company can be matched with the carrier that best fits your needs? Being with the wrong company can have an impact not only on cost but also claims experience, which is one of the many reasons to seek professional advice from your trucking insurance agent.

Research Beforehand

Your agent will offer you many coverages in your insurance package to increase his sales, but you need to be well aware of your requirements beforehand. Try identifying which coverage works best for your business by doing proper research of your own.

Ask About Discounts

Low-risk clients are what truck insurance firms are searching for. Lower rates are influenced by criteria such as credit score, OOS infractions, CDL experience, and others. Furthermore, you may be eligible for other automatic discounts, like paying the entire price upfront. Simply ask any particular trucking insurance agent what other reductions they have to offer.

Shop Around For New Policies Every Year

If your truck insurance premiums keep going up every year, it might be time to switch agents and get a new quote. A good agent will shop around on an annual basis for you in order to get the best possible deal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the first step in finding a good trucking insurance agent?

The first step is to check whether the agent is familiar with all types of truck insurance coverages, associated with different truck insurance companies, and is knowledgeable about federal filing and the CSA.

What should you consider when choosing a trucking insurance agent?

You should consider the agent's expertise, the variety of insurance carriers they represent, their understanding of your specific needs, and whether they can offer discounts and competitive rates.

Why is it important to ask your potential insurance agent a lot of questions?

It's important to ensure that the agent is well-versed in trucking insurance and can guide your company to the carrier that best fits your needs.

What should you ask your potential trucking insurance agent about discounts?

You should ask if you are eligible for any discounts based on criteria like credit score, CDL experience, or paying the full price upfront.

Why should you consider switching agents or getting a new quote each year?

If your truck insurance premiums keep rising, it may be beneficial to switch agents or get a new quote to ensure you're getting the best possible deal.

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