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William Parker

Keeping Assured Standard running takes a lot of work, but everything goes off without a hitch under William's capable hands. His time as an operations specialist for an international bank has lent him a keen eye for detail and strong organizational skills to boot.

William finished top of his class at Yale University and remained a leading force in the insurance industry. With his dedication and passion for optimizing programs for clients and insurers alike, he continues to embrace disruptive technology and innovate alongside access to robust data.

The mid-2000s was when the Silicon Valley boom was slowly creeping into the digital space. He spent years proving the combination of management and technology can work anywhere. William Parker continues to develop sound insurance policies to complement a vision of a new future through new data analytics.
Business Management
Customer Service
Insurance Expert
Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management, University of California, Berkeley

William Parker's Articles

How Much Does Marine Cargo Insurance Cost?
If companies need to ship items through foreign and domestic waters, marine cargo insurance can reduce liability during instances like piracy, theft, or acts of war.  With growing risks for ...
Motorcycle Insurance vs. Car Insurance Rates
When you get any type of automobile, it is imperative you get the best insurance for your vehicle. Automotive insurance normally covers damages to the vehicle as well as personal ...
How Can Small Trucking Companies Get Affordable Insurance?
In the past decade, the price of trucking insurance has become less affordable for many companies. Because of this, it can be more difficult for smaller companies to gain access ...
How Much Auto Insurance Must A Trucking Company Carry Per Truck In Texas
Depending on the state you live in, the minimum amount of insurance required for a trucking company can vary significantly. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specific limitations ...
What Companies In Nevada Write Trucking Insurance?
While dozens of companies write trucking insurance in Nevada, only a handful offer comprehensive programs at competitive rates. Most Nevada insurers charge $16,000+ for commercial truck insurance. Opt for Geico, ...
What Is Intermodal In Trucking Insurance?
New owner-operators might not know this, but trucking businesses require varying insurance policies depending on their specialties. Generic coverages yield negligible advantages. For instance, if you specialize in intermodal trucking, ...
What is Firewall Protection On a Computer Going to Do to Protect Your Business?
A firewall is a network security system that could be either hardware or software that safeguards a trusted network from unauthorized access by other networks and threats. Although antivirus software ...
What is IPv6 Firewall Protection?
When it comes to dealing with viruses, malware, and other online threats to your business, having firewall protection in place can help defend your network. IPv6 firewall protection effectively filters ...
How Is Workers' Compensation Insurance Funded Under A State Fund?
Employees are the backbone of any business, which is why they should be protected and insured. That’s where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. These policies come in to protect workers ...
What is the Employer's Advantage in Offering Workers' Compensation?
For employers, offering workers’ compensation programs to their employees has many advantages. The primary benefit includes avoiding legal issues that can come with heavy financial costs due to any fines ...
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