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    Illinois General Liability Insurance

    Illinois General Liability Insurance

    General liability insurance is required by the state of Illinois for the majority of business owners. The purpose of IL GL coverage is to protect business owners from direct or indirect damages to third parties. Your liability insurance helps pay for losses resulting from the activities of your company or its workers. 

    Requirements For General Liability Insurance In Illinois

    Certain insurance coverages are obligatory for business owners in Illinois. Employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. In addition, the state mandates that firms provide unemployment and disability insurance for some employees based on how much they work and are compensated.

    If you're requested to provide proof that you have specific forms of insurance, you'll need a certificate of insurance (COI). As a policyholder, you can easily and quickly obtain a COI online. You can also receive a certificate of insurance after obtaining a quote and policy.

    What General Liability Insurance Covers In Illinois

    Commercial liability insurance (also known as business liability insurance and commercial general liability insurance) safeguards your Illinois business against financial loss resulting from claims of injury or damage caused by you or your workers to third parties. Typically, a policy covers:

    Bodily InjuryPhysical damage to a non-employee at your business premises and injuries caused by you or staff at a client's residence or place of business
    Property DamageYou or an employee committed property damage to another individual
    Personal InjuryActs such as libel, copyright infringement, slander, invasion of property or privacy, unlawful eviction, and false arrest that cause harm to a person's reputation or rights 
    Advertising Injury Losses resulting from your advertising
    Legal Defense and JudgmentsExpenses to defend against legitimate and frivolous lawsuits and judgments, up to the coverage limit. Note that this does not often include punitive damages for negligence or intentional misbehavior

    Other Mandatory Insurance For Your Small Business In Illinois

    Small Business In Illinois
    • Employers with at least one employee, whether full-time or part-time, are required to have workers' compensation insurance in Illinois. There is no requirement for sole owners to carry workers’ compensation. There may be other exemptions available.
    • Starting on the seventh day of an employee's illness or accident, Illinois requires employers to provide disability coverage to provide income for up to six months in the case of a non-work-related illness or injury.
    • Illinois mandates that all drivers carry minimum automobile insurance. If you use your automobile or truck for business purposes, you should consider purchasing a commercial vehicle policy.

    Other Insurance Types

    General liability insurance in Illinois pays for property damage and injury to customers, guests, and subcontractors. Insurance deductibles and policy limits within coverage are customizable for Illinois business owners.

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