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In A Trailer Interchange Agreement, What Does A Motor Carrier Agree To

In A Trailer Interchange Agreement, What Does A Motor Carrier Agree To

Trailer interchange agreements allow truckers to use third-party trucks as part of their logistics solutions. The trailers typically switch between trucks en route. Note that the truckers hauling the goods — the lessee — is responsible for any damage the truck sustains during shipment. Moreover, commercial trailer interchange insurance covers non-owned trailers.

Benefits of Entering a Trailer Interchange Agreement

Interstate logistics solutions require an array of vehicles, from tractors to shipping lines. However, you don’t have to own a whole fleet to offer nationwide shipping. If you need to ship to a different city or state but do not have enough semi-trailer trucks, get a third-party truck to transport your goods en route.

Trailer interchange agreements enable corporations to utilize third-party tractors and pickups. Ideally, each leased fleet should have an assigned district. Ask your truckers in all owned and non-owned trucks to operate solely within their region. 

If a trailer has to cross a different region, that district’s trucker will switch trailers with the necessary owned or non-owned truck. Relay trailers at the borders until the goods reach their respective destinations.

Remember to explicitly outline the details and clauses of your trailer interchange agreement. Explain the type of insurance provided by the leasing carrier, indicate insurance the trucker would need to provide, and set liability limitations. Ensure that the contract clearly states the responsibilities of all parties involved.

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