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    Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation

    Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation

    The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act compensates for your medical expenses and — if you are unable to work — wage-loss payments until you are able to return to work if you experience a job-related accident or sickness. In addition, your dependent survivors receive death benefits for fatalities at work.

    Private insurance providers (including third-party administrators), the State Workers' Insurance Fund (a state-run workers' compensation insurance carrier), or self-insured employers pay benefits.

    Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Coverage In Pennsylvania

    It is crucial to protect your Pennsylvania employees from injury in the workplace. In fact, practically every business with employees in the United States needs workers' compensation insurance.

    However, certain companies in Pennsylvania are exempted from providing workers' compensation insurance. These exemptions from workers' comp include:

    • People who are already covered by other workers' compensation laws, such as railroad personnel, longshoremen, and federal employees
    • Sole employer's agricultural employees that work fewer than 30 days or earn less than $1,200 per year
    • Employees exempted due to their religious beliefs or executive status

    What Workers’ Compensation Covers In Pennsylvania

    What Workers’ Compensation Covers In Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania workers' compensation insurance benefits both you and your employees. It gives benefits to your employees if they become unwell or injured due to their work. It can also give payouts to the beneficiaries of an employee who dies for work-related reasons.

    If an employee suffers from a work-related accident or illness, they must notify you within 120 days. Then, you can file a claim with your insurance provider.

    Workers' compensation insurance in Pennsylvania covers:

    • Injuries sustained as a result of an employee's job at your company
    • Workplace illnesses caused by chemical or allergen exposure
    • Injuries caused by repetitive stress, such as carpal tunnel syndrome

    Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania provides a number of benefits to employees who have sustained a work-related injury or illness, such as:

    Health Care ExpensesThis includes surgery, physician visits, medication, medical equipment, and laboratory tests
    Ongoing Care ExpensesFor services such as physical therapy and rehabilitation
    Partial Disability PaymentsFor personnel who cannot work at full capacity
    Death BenefitsFor an employee's family, if he or she dies within 300 weeks of a work-related injury or sickness
    Total Disability PaymentsFor employees who are completely unable to return to work
    Permanent Injury PaymentsMay serve as a compensation for a lost body part

    Workers’ Compensation Laws In Pennsylvania

    After experiencing a work-related injury or illness, your employees can receive a weekly compensation to cover their medical expenses and missed wages under the PA Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Workers' compensation permits you to pay benefits to your employees while shielding you from legal action.

    Your employees are covered by workers' compensation for the duration of their employment. This means that coverage begins on the employee's first day of employment, regardless of their previous physical condition.

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