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    ​​Pennsylvania General Liability Insurance

    ​​Pennsylvania General Liability Insurance

    Small businesses play a significant role in the economy of Pennsylvania. In fact, there are 1,100,000 of them in Pennsylvania, representing 99.6% of the state's businesses.  Small business owners will require the proper business insurance to safeguard their companies. Get a quote today to learn more about the small business insurance you require.

    General Liability Insurance In Pennsylvania 

    General liability insurance, commonly known as business liability insurance, provides comprehensive protection against claims resulting from:

    • Reputational harm
    • Personal property damage
    • Bodily injury
    • Personal injuries like libel or slander
    • Advertising errors

    This policy may be purchased alone or as part of the Business Owners' Policy (BOP). It can assist in covering some costs, such as if your:

    • Client leaves their personal belongings with you, which are afterwards damaged. Consequently, they sue you for its replacement.
    • Competitor asserts that you violated their copyright by promoting your products.
    • A customer is injured at your establishment and requires medical attention. Later on, they request that you pay for their medical expenditures.
    • It is also crucial to know that customers might pursue claims against your company even if you committed no wrongdoing.

    Other Types Of Business Insurance Offered In Pennsylvania 

    • Commercial Auto Insurance - This can safeguard your company if you or your employee are involved in a car accident while using a covered vehicle for business purposes. If your firm owns commercial vehicles, this policy can provide coverage.
      If a car accident occurs on the job, commercial auto insurance can assist in covering property damage and medical costs.
    • Commercial Property Insurance - If you own or rent property for your business, you must have commercial property insurance. This coverage can assist pay for repairs if the following causes damage to your building:
      • Fire
      • Lighting
      • Windstorm
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance - Workers' compensation insurance protects your employees if they are injured on the job by providing them with access to medical care and aiding with the payment of their:
      • Medical expenses
      • Rehabilitation
      • Lost wages
      • Funeral costs
    • Professional Liability Insurance - Professional liability insurance can assist in covering disputes involving:
      • Misrepresentation
      • Negligence
      • Inaccurate advice
      • Libel or slander
      • Non-performance of professional services or professional services error
      • Inadequate protection of personally identifiable information

    Who Needs General Liability Insurance

    As a contractor or small business owner, you must protect your livelihood with business liability insurance.

    A single accident could end in a lawsuit that you are unable to defend yourself against. Having liability coverage that corresponds to your degree of risk is an excellent way to fight against this.

    Before you may work for some companies or clients, you may be required to hold a particular amount of general liability insurance.

    Cost Of General Liability Insurance In Pennsylvania 

    The amount of Pennsylvania commercial general liability insurance you need should be determined, as a general rule, by the type of business you operate or the goods you manufacture. The optimal revenue range for the majority of small businesses is between $500,000 and $1 million. 

    However, if your company is high-risk, such as the construction industry, or has a large volume of public engagement, such as a restaurant or retail store, you should consider expanding your coverage. Note that your homeowner's or renter's insurance has limited coverage for business liability and loss if you operate out of your house.

    Other Insurance Types

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