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    Tips To Get Truck Drivers With Good History

    Tips To Get Truck Drivers With Good History

    With the increased risks that come with driving large vehicles, truck drivers are responsible for practicing safe driving behavior to protect themselves and those around them in addition to any goods they are transporting. However, there is currently a shortage of truck drivers due to the US Department of Transportation’s strict new regulations. 

    Hiring experienced truck drivers for commercial trucking can help companies meet their trucking and delivery needs while lowering commercial truck insurance costs at the same time. 

    What To Look For When Hiring Truck Drivers

    Recently, a report from the American Trucking Associations estimated that the trucking industry has a shortage of 80,000 drivers, the number of which could double by 2030 as older drivers retire. Thus, it’s more critical than ever to find trustworthy commercial truckers to hire. 

    Find Truck Driver With the Right Skills 

    Before hiring a truck driver, you should check whether they have the right skills and qualifications. Drivers should at least be 21 years old in order to cross state borders, provide a 10-year driving record, have a valid Commercial Driver License (CDL), and pass the DOT physical exam. 

    Moreover, some employers require high school diplomas or GEDs as a hiring requirement for trucking jobs. Some valuable skills and habits that a good trucker should have include: 

    • Alertness 
    • Reliability
    • Communication skills 
    • Patience
    • Ability to think under pressure
    • Adaptability 

    Double Check That They Have A Good Track Record

    Depending on their role, a reliable truck driver should also have a positive track record of safety, endorsements, recommendations, and training certifications. 

    In 2019, speeding accidents killed 9,478 people. Large truck drivers must take extra care to avoid reckless driving and other irresponsible actions that could lead to injury. Those who have a history of motor vehicle accidents are less likely to be trusted with valuable cargo.

    Apply The Same Hiring Process With Every Applicant

    Laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination Act of 1967, and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibit employees from discriminating against potential applicants during the hiring process for trucking jobs due to their race, age, gender, or physical ability.  

    This means that companies need to use the same hiring process for each candidate and thoroughly vet each application using external background checks, drug tests, and interview questions. 

    Ensure They Have A Good Attitude

    During the hiring process, you should also keep in mind some key questions to ask when getting to know potential employees. This includes the following questions:

    • Do you have any accidents or have had any violations?
    • How do you handle setbacks?
    • How would you address potential problems with shipments and customers?
    • How well do you handle deadlines?

    Hiring truck drivers who are willing to learn from their mistakes and constantly improve can greatly benefit your company.

    Background Checks With Proper Authorities 

    One of the most important things to do with new hires for commercial trucking is to ensure that background checks are completed by the proper authorities.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducts pre-employment screening for drug and alcohol-related violations. In addition, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) runs a background check including and accounts for the following items: 

    • Motor vehicle records for the past three years. 
    • Safety Performance History from previous DOT-regulated employers the candidate worked for during the three years prior to the date of their application.
    • Drug or alcohol-related violations within the previous three years.
    • A DOT drug test, which tests for many drugs. 
    • A DOT physical exam to obtain a MEC (Medical Examiners Certificate) which is usually good for two years or less.

    Frequently Asked Questions On Commercial Truck Drivers 

    Here are some common inquiries from potential truck drivers and trucking companies regarding CDL cost and training as well as trucking salaries. 

    How long is CDL training? 

    CDL training for truck drivers can last between three to seven weeks if you decide to attend a course. However, this can be longer or shorter depending on your situation. 

    How much does a CDL cost? 

    In addition to the exam fees, depending on your area of residence and the school you choose,  the cost of obtaining a CDL ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. 

    Who is the highest-paid trucking company? 

    Some commercial trucking companies with the highest pay for trucking jobs include Sysco, Wal-Mart, GP Transco, and Epes Transport. 

    When hiring truck drivers, it’s important to maintain safety standards for both new and existing employees. This could also include policies on handling accidents and providing specialized training to reduce the likelihood of incidents on the road. 

    Ultimately, good truck drivers can uphold your company’s reputation and improve your bottom line. For more information on your trucking needs, browse other articles on Assured Standard today!

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