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5 Signs You’re Meant to be a Truck Driver

5 Signs You’re Meant to be a Truck Driver

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck driving accounts for 5.8% of the overall workforce in the United States as of the year 2021. If we put this into the actual number, it will be more than eleven million drivers working in the truck industry. From this number, 3.6 million of them are professional drivers and 7.95 million are those working in the transportation field.

While it is true that a high degree of risks and dangers are involved in this industry, it does offer bountiful job security. Considering the nature of the job, carriers are meant to give competitive benefits to drivers. More than that, several factors make it a promising and rewarding career.

If you’re seeing yourself working as a truck driver, here are the signs that you’re destined to be one:

1. You are passionate and excellent with driving

There is a different sense of fulfillment when you can do a job you are most interested in. Being comfortable with your responsibilities can significantly help you in doing your work efficiently.

When you enjoy what you are doing, you are motivated to perform well, and that’s very important in choosing a career. However, passion is not enough. You need the skills, too.

Having the required skills is essential to keep safe and survive on the road. During the hiring process, most trucking companies look for people who know to take care on the road, especially as trucks require a higher level of skills and knowledge. Overall, you know that someone like you will help them reduce the risks of accidents and traffic violations.

To be an excellent driver doesn’t only mean that you have the proper knowledge about truck requirements. You also have to understand the laws that govern the industry, especially those about driving. Aside from that, focus, alertness, and discipline are a must while on the road.

2. You love to travel

Driving involves multiple risks, but it also means traveling all across the country. It is one of the perks of being a driver. You’ll be able to see places that you’ve never visited before. You would be able to get oriented and familiar with other parts of the country.

Most driving routes take long hours, or even days, so you could really see yourself waking up in a different town every day. If that sort of adventure excites you, then you should definitely take your chance on this one.

3. You prefer to work alone

Most of your time, you’ll have to work all by yourself. Working on the road means you don’t have to experience a boss looking over your shoulder or interact with coworkers. If you are self-sufficient and enjoy solitude, then truck driving might suit your personality.

Working alone would not necessarily mean that you’re not going to talk to anyone. Along the way, you can still communicate with some people. In truck driving, working alone means not having anyone to constantly see how you do your job. Thus, you are working on your own.

4. You are looking for a job that pays well and can give you security

Given all the risks and the responsibilities attached to the job, truck drivers deserve decent pay. And yes, most carriers understand how demanding the work is. For such reasons, truck drivers can earn as much as $70,000 per year, depending on experience.

Drivers with less than a year of experience can have as much as $58,000 per year. Top companies can go as high as $142,000 per year. There are various factors that can affect how much you can get. But generally, this is a career that can help you get comfortable finance-wise.

Admittedly, this job is for people with a strong heart because the risks are high. But, you can ask if your company has adequate commercial truck insurance policies as a safety precaution.

5. You want a fulfilling career in a stable industry

Everyone wants to have a career that makes them feel satisfied and fulfilled. For many people, a fulfilling career involves working inside an air-conditioned room for more than eight hours.

If you don’t see yourself in the corporate world and want a unique job, truck driving is a great choice. The job requires training, but you don’t have to study in a university for four years to get into the profession. As long as you have the discipline and the required skills, you can be qualified.

Additionally, with the boom of e-commerce and online shopping, the need for trucks increased a lot. People need ways to transport goods throughout the country, which is why the demand for truck drivers will never end any time soon.

If you are looking for something that you can work in for a very long time, the trucking industry is a good place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What personality traits suggest I may be well-suited to truck driving?

If you are independent, enjoy solitude, have strong concentration skills, and can handle stress well, you may be well-suited to truck driving.

Does enjoying long drives indicate I could be a good truck driver?

Yes, if you enjoy long drives and have a good sense of direction, these are good indicators that you might enjoy a career in trucking.

Does being a truck driver require good physical health?

Yes, being in reasonably good physical health is important for truck drivers, as the job often involves long hours on the road and occasional physical labor.

Is a love of travel a sign that I might enjoy being a truck driver?

Absolutely, if you love traveling and don't mind being away from home for extended periods, truck driving could be a good fit.

Do I need to be good with mechanical things to be a truck driver?

While not a requirement, having some mechanical knowledge can be a plus, as it may help you troubleshoot or handle minor repairs on the road.

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a truck driver? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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