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What Factors Are Important In Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

What Factors Are Important In Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

Standard insurance providers have stringent guidelines about insuring long-haul drivers since long-distance trips are riskier than short hauls. Unfortunately, the demand for long-haul trucking insurance continues to increase. Around 500,000+ truckers now prefer long-distance hauls. Is it still possible to secure a practical, cost-efficient long-haul truck insurance policy? Of course!

Creating a unique set of criteria to refer to when comparing long-haul insurance policies will speed up the shopping process. Create a clear image of your ideal insurer. The best long-distance truck insurers charge competitive rates, have stable funding, and offer extensive benefits.

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Benefits That Every Long-Haul Trucking Insurance Policy Should Have

Long- and short-haul truckers have different insurance needs. Using the same policy that you do when transporting cargo for short distances might do more harm than good. In the worst case, your policy might not cover your claim.

To ensure that your long-distance truckers are protected against all types of hazards and perils, opt for policies that offer the following:

  • Auto liability
  • Catastrophic losses
  • Combined deductible
  • Debris and pollutant removal
  • Earned freight charges
  • Family emergency travel coverage
  • GAP coverage
  • Non-trucking use liability
  • Physical damage
  • Primary liability
  • Reload expenses
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Towing expenses
  • Traffic and security expenses
  • Trailer interchange
  • Zero coinsurance penalties

While most insurers follow strict guidelines before approving long-distance truckers, you can increase your insurability by bolstering your application. Reduce the risks of insuring your business. Trucking companies with high credit scores, skilled truck drivers, excellent driving records, and positive cash flow typically qualify for insurance faster.

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