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What Information Is Required To Be Listed As Loss Payee On Cargo Insurance

What Information Is Required To Be Listed As Loss Payee On Cargo Insurance

According to the Freight Analysis Framework, cargo tonnage in the United States is projected to increase by 1.2% on a yearly basis between 2018 and 2045. This may lead to an increase in the cost of cargo insurance for shipping businesses. 

For companies looking to add a loss payee on their cargo insurance policy, you’ll need to list down the correct address for your lender in addition to other information required by your insurer. This will allow them to claim insurance payments before the policy owner. 

How to Add Loss Payee to Cargo Insurance 

Since the process can vary depending on your provider, the first step to adding a loss payee to your cargo insurance policy is to get in touch with your insurance agent or insurance company. They can guide you through the process and let you know of any documentation needed to list the loss payee. 

The most important piece of information needed is the address of your lender. Some companies may have multiple addresses, so you should always double-check when purchasing insurance. 

Something to keep in mind is that some companies with loss payable interests are not willing to accept changes to any loss payee clauses after the policy has been issued, so the listing of loss payees should ideally be done during the insurance application process.

Navigating the requirements for listing as a loss payee on cargo insurance can be complex. To enhance your understanding and approach to loss prevention, don't miss our in-depth blog post about the best loss control service programs. Find insights and strategies that could transform the way you handle your insurance matters.

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