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What is Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: Explained

Commercial non-trucking liability insurance is a policy that gives you coverage for instances wherein you are using a business vehicle for purposes other than work

Since your primary liability insurance coverage is only sufficient for when you are using your business vehicle for its intended work purposes, you can benefit greatly from commercial non-trucking liability insurance.

In the event that you get into an accident driving this vehicle for personal use or for non-work errands, non-trucking liability insurance will make sure that you are protected. It will provide you with coverage for medical bills and other fees that may be incurred from injuries and property damage from an accident, as well as for the cost of the repair for your truck should you need it.

This policy is ideal for owner-operators and motor carriers and can be used as a means of bridging gaps in coverage in primary liability policies. Many people confuse commercial non-trucking liability insurance with bobtail insurance, but there are a few differences. The latter will make sure that you are covered, regardless if there is a load or trailer attached to your truck. 

It could prove beneficial as there are several occasions where you might find yourself driving your business vehicle off dispatch. While it is not mandated by law, it may be a wise add-on. Also, owner-operators who have a lease agreement with their motor carriers may be required to get this insurance policy. 

There may not be as many cases wherein you use your truck more for personal use rather than for business operations, making the risk of using the policy far less compared to many other types of insurance. Therefore, commercial non-trucking liability insurance is not so expensive—even when you add it to your existing policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance provides coverage for accidents that occur when a truck is not being used for business purposes.

What does Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance cover?

This type of insurance typically covers liabilities for injuries or property damage caused by a truck when it's not on dispatch or hauling cargo.

Is Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance mandatory?

It's not legally required but is often a contractual requirement from motor carriers to protect their interests when the truck is off-duty.

How is Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance different from Primary Liability Insurance?

While Primary Liability Insurance covers damages and injuries to other parties while the truck is on duty, Non-Trucking Liability Insurance provides coverage when the truck is off duty.

Who needs Commercial Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Owner-operators under a permanent lease agreement with a motor carrier performing business-related trucking operations need this type of insurance for off-duty protection.

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