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What is DoS Attack? Protection, Firewall, and Other Terms You Should Know

What is DoS Attack? Protection, Firewall, and Other Terms You Should Know

With cyber attacks becoming more and more intricate, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks have become exceedingly apparent. A DoS attack is a premeditated form of criminal activity wherein hackers bombard a network with fabricated requests and malware to restrict access among the organization it belongs to. This hinders normal traffic, potentially causing damage to a system altogether.

In many cases, this is also known as a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, as cyber criminals coordinate the attack on multiple devices which they are able to compromise and infect remotely.

The pandemic has brought about the prevalence of these kinds of attacks, and 2020 had the largest number of them recorded. This was also traced to the increased use of 5G and IoT devices globally. 

The best measures against these types of nefarious activity mostly have to do with prevention. Whether it is comprehensive cybersecurity training for employees, getting cyber insurance for your business, or conducting regular risk assessments—business leaders should make this a priority before it’s too late.

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Protection against DoS or DDoS attacks may be challenging, but not impossible. Here are some concrete steps you can take to mitigate against these attacks:

  • Monitor your regular traffic to spot irregular activity
  • Create a denial of service response plan in advance and delegate responsibilities to a team 
  • Train employees on who to contact in the event of an attack, including IT security teams, cloud service professionals, and your own clients
  • Ensure multi-level protection throughout your infrastructure
  • Outsource certain services to cloud-based providers


One misconception or oversight is that a firewall will protect your network against DoS or DDoS attacks. While you can update your firewalls with the newest security patches, it is important to note that this is not always 100% effective. Sometimes, they can even be prime entry points for these types of attacks. Hackers can easily slip through firewall parts in disguise as employees. 

Ultimately, you should not rely on one method of cybersecurity to protect your networks and systems from DoS or DDoS attacks. There are always potential loopholes, and today’s cyber criminals have become more equipped to infiltrate your devices. 

Contact Assured Standard today for the latest information and resources on cybersecurity. You might learn a thing or two from our article on managed security services in cybersecurity as well!

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