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What Is The Minimum Insurance A Semi Truck Can Carry?

What Is The Minimum Insurance A Semi Truck Can Carry?

The Federal law requires general freight tractor-trailers to carry at least $750,000 worth of insurance. This amount of semi-truck insurance should cover third-party property damage and bodily injuries. However, tractor-trailers hauling dangerous cargo like oil and hazardous materials might need to increase their coverage to $5,000,000.

The Importance of Semi-Trailer Truck Insurance

Insurance is imperative to the success of your trucking business. The government requires all truckers to carry sufficient insurance for several reasons, which include protection from:

  • Road Accidents: The primary purpose of semi-trailer truck insurance is to protect you against liability stemming from the various road risks and hazards.
  • Cargo Damage: Consider extra cargo insurance if you regularly haul high-value goods. The extra premiums don’t compare to the potential profit losses of losing or damaging your transported goods.
  • Theft: Sufficient truck insurance protects you from profit losses if your business equipment gets stolen.
  • Vehicular Damage: Combine different insurance coverages to ensure that your policy covers various truck defects or damages. Note that newer, expensive trucks might cost more to insure.

Do not skimp on your truck insurance policy. The government-mandated insurance coverage only serves as a benchmark, so high-risk truckers shouldn’t limit themselves to the bare minimum. Increase your coverage accordingly.

Also, consult your insurer about adding extra coverages. Standard liability insurance policies only offer basic protection, which might not cover all the road risks and hazards your truckers face. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum insurance coverage required for semi-trucks?

Federal law mandates that general freight tractor-trailers carry a minimum of $750,000 worth of insurance. For trucks hauling dangerous cargo, the requirement can increase to $5,000,000.

Why is semi-truck insurance important?

Semi-truck insurance protects against various risks including road accidents, cargo damage, theft, and vehicular damage.

Should I consider adding extra coverage to my semi-truck insurance policy?

Yes, consult with your insurer about adding extra coverages. The standard liability insurance may not cover all potential risks, particularly if you're involved in high-risk trucking activities.

Are you not sure if your business can afford semi-truck insurance? Let Assured Standard shed some light on the issue. Use our brief piece explaining the average semi-truck insurance rates as a reference for your computations.

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