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What Proof Of Insurance Does A Semi Truck Need

What Proof Of Insurance Does A Semi Truck Need

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all general freight commercial trucks to carry proof of liability insurance showing at least $750,000 worth of coverage. Your truckers have to present this paperwork at checkpoints or roadblocks.

However, truckers who don’t haul general freight might need additional documents. Trucking companies carrying hazmat need $5,000,000 worth of coverage, Mexico-domiciled truckers need proof of insurance indicating their effective and expiration coverage date, and foreign motor carriers need proof of liability insurance endorsement (Form MCS-90).

Carrying Your Insurance Paperwork

All your truckers should carry the original copies of their specific truck’s proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Ask them to store these in a clean, secure folder. You cannot afford to damage or stain these types of documents carelessly.

For your protection, however, keep spare copies of the same paperwork in your office. These documents are crucial in several applications. If your truckers lose them by accident, having clear, verifiable copies will speed up the recovery process.

Keep in mind that checkpoints require truckers to carry original copies of their proof of insurance. You cannot present pictures or photocopies. You would need to show your driver’s license, Medical Examiner’s Certificate, a record of duty status, vehicle registration, and shipping papers, so prepare these documents ahead of time.

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