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Which Insurance Paper Do I Keep In My Commercial Truck?

Which Insurance Paper Do I Keep In My Commercial Truck?

Every trucker knows how crucial carrying the proper paperwork is to vehicle inspections. Your permit book should always contain official documents indicating that you have permission to haul commercial goods within your service area. Otherwise, you might encounter some issues at the next police roadblock.

Although some states may have more specific insurance requirements, vehicle inspections often only require proof of commercial trucking insurance. However, foreign motor carriers might need to present their form MCS-90. Also, some checkpoints might ask Mexico-domiciled carriers to have their coverage expiration dates explicitly stated in their proof of insurance.

How To Check if All Your Trucks Have the Necessary Insurance Paperwork

Here are some best practices to ensure that none of your truckers ever have trouble with vehicle inspections and police roadblocks.

Tip 1: The Permit Book Should Never Leave the Truck

Your document folder, paperwork binder, or permit book should never leave the truck. Keep it in a dry, secure space like the glove compartment or console organizer, although the latter might be a bit too exposed.

Tip 2: Brief Your Trucker on How To Present Documents Properly

Ensure that your truckers know the proper manners and etiquette when presenting documents to a uniformed officer. Avoid any possibility of miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Tip 3: Make Several Copies of the Same Documents

Make several soft and hard copies of the necessary documents, then store them in your office library.

Vehicle checkpoints might seem like a hassle, but these exist for your own safety and protection. More and more motorists neglect proper insurance and licensing. The Insurance Information Institute even states that 13% of all private and commercial motorists are driving with insufficient coverage. Trust us—underinsured accidents are very problematic.

Do you specialize in long-distance hauling? Assured Standard emphasizes the need for increased coverages, considering your higher exposure to road hazards. You can learn more about owner-operator insurance policies for long-haul truckers here.

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