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Who Has General Liability Trucking Insurance?

Who Has General Liability Trucking Insurance

For maximum protection from legal claims, trucking businesses should look into a variety of insurance plans. Investing in general liability insurance can provide greater peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your employees and the high cost of legal fees. 

Companies that offer general liability trucking insurance include Sentry, Colonial Trucking Insurance, and Reliance Partners. General liability insurance can provide your trucking business with financial coverage when it comes to bodily injury, medical payments, reputational harm, and advertising injury not involving a truck. 


Sentry is a highly-established insurance carrier with an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A+. Their general liability insurance plan provides a variety of coverage options, including business liability insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, errors and omissions coverage, and employment practices liability insurance. 

To obtain a quote, you will need to call their hotline or find a local agent. 

Colonial Trucking Insurance

Colonial Trucking Insurance specializes in the trucking industry and provides plenty of coverage. Their general liability insurance package covers damage to premises rented to you, medical payments, bodily injury, and advertising injury liability. Rates start at around $300 per month per truck. 

They offer online quotes that take less than 3 minutes to complete. 

Reliance Partners 

Reliance Partners has a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+. Their general liability insurance plan covers fees for bodily injury, property damages, personal injury/bodily damage, and medical payments dependent on your coverage requirements. 

You can apply for a quote online or call their toll-free number. 

When choosing a general liability trucking insurance plan it is best to read the fine print and buy more coverage than you think you’ll need. If you’re on a budget, learn more about how to lower your trucking insurance costs at Assured Standard! 

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