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Who Offers Marine Cargo Insurance?

Who Offers Marine Cargo Insurance?

When purchasing marine cargo insurance to protect the goods you transport via land, sea, or air, it’s best to choose a reliable insurance company that has enough coverage to address the transit risks you face. Some of the best companies that offer marine cargo insurance include AXA, AIG, and Allianz. 

AXA Marine Cargo Insurance 

AXA has a variety of marine cargo insurance products for haulers, logistics companies, and freight forwarders. Covered instances for cargo include loss, damage, theft, war, and terrorism. With an electronic insurance self-certificate tool, getting proof of insurance is easy for shipments.

Other useful services include supply chain analysis, assessment of logistic procedures, loss prevention reports, and more. 

AIG Ocean Cargo Insurance

AIG primarily caters to importers, exporters, manufacturers, and wholesalers who transport goods internationally. They offer flexible minimum deductibles and provide consultations for transport routes, packaging, and more for those facing special circumstances. With an average of 25 years of maritime industry experience, they are considered experts in cargo insurance. 

Allianz Marine Cargo Insurance 

Allianz provides a broad range of marine cargo solutions to address a number of risks. This includes war and strikes, piracy, packaging, logistics and security, and more. They also cover temperature-sensitive and theft-attractive cargo and offer international insurance programs so that you have global coverage for your cargo. 

When choosing a cargo insurance plan it’s best to read the fine print and any exclusions to ensure that you purchase enough coverage. Check out the rest of Assured Standard to learn more about the cost of insurance for commercial trucks!

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