Why Do I Have To Have Commercial Insurance On My Dually Truck?


Dually trucks, or dual rear wheels, are trucks that have two rear wheels to balance out the weight. Dually trucks are often go-to trucks for hotshot trucking. Hotshot trucking involves the hauling of time-sensitive loads for delivery. The loads that these trucks carry are usually smaller, and they have to deliver them as soon as possible. 

For dually trucks or hotshot trucking, you need a specialized type of coverage called hotshot trucking insurance. This coverage is ideal for smaller trucks or those class 3 to 5 which haul loads under an expedited time frame. It extends to cover your cargo, truck, and trailer. There are many risks associated with the nature of this business, making insurance all the more necessary.

Hotshot trucking insurance will protect you from third-party liability claims for cases of physical damage or bodily injury, and even for your own drivers and vehicles. 

Since hotshot trucking insurance is a type of commercial auto insurance, it is mandatory throughout the US. Requirements, however, will differ per state, shipper, and broker. You will have coverage for medical costs, legal fees, and the repair of your truck.

In the event that your vehicle or its trailer is damaged from theft, fire, vandalism, or other things along these lines, you will also be safeguarded. 

Costs for hotshot trucking insurance depend on deductibles, individual credit scores, coverage types, truck classification, limits for your business, and your insurance provider. Hotshot trucking insurance is typically more affordable. At the base of your policy comes primary liability insurance as well. 

With hotshot trucking insurance, your dually truck or any other vehicle in your fleet will be protected sufficiently—with affordable premiums at that. 

Want to know how else you can protect your commercial trucking business? Contact Assured Standard today! 

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