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    California General Liability Insurance

    California General Liability Insurance

    More than 99% of companies in California are small businesses, and they employ roughly half of the state's workforce. Small business owners rely on business insurance in order to manage profitable businesses and protect their employees.

    It is essential to understand that not all insurance providers are the same when searching for coverage for your business. 

    Discover how to acquire business insurance in California and how it may help you run a successful business.

    Regulations For General Liability Insurance In California

    Regulations For General Liability Insurance

    State regulations typically do not mandate that business owners carry general liability insurance. However, it is advisable to carry this liability insurance coverage. If a customer sues your company and you do not have coverage, your company's finances and personal assets may be at stake.

    Understanding your state's insurance regulations is essential. Consult with a local insurance agent for assistance in selecting the appropriate business liability insurance.

    What General Liability Insurance Covers In California

    The scope of coverage in a standard general liability policy includes the following:

    Bodily Injury LiabilityGeneral liability provides coverage for bodily injury to a third party caused by a business-related incident. For example, if a customer slips and falls in your store or an employee accidentally hurts a customer in the office. It is essential to highlight, however, that the coverage excludes injuries sustained by workers on the job.
    In such cases, the insurance can cover medical expenses up to the policy limit, income lost due to absence from work, and other claims connected to pain and suffering.
    Property Damage LiabilityIn addition to the possibility of physical injury, there is also a risk of property damage during commercial activities. General liability coverage includes, for example, road accidents, machinery incidents, and equipment breakdowns that cause property damage to a third party.
    Products and Completed OperationsBusiness owners can also obtain coverage for their products and completed activities. Whether the company makes, sells, or distributes items, general liability insurance can provide the necessary protection if a customer becomes ill or harmed due to these products.
    On the other hand, a construction or repair company can make mistakes that result in inconvenience rather than convenience. In this instance, the service provider may also be held liable. Consequently, the company requires general liability insurance to cover defense costs and other expenses.
    Personal and Advertising InjuryDamages caused by a business are not limited to a person or a piece of property. Both oral and written communication can be harmful. In instances such as malicious mischief, copyright infringement, libel, and slander, companies may incur reputation damage and financial losses. Small business owners will be aided by their commercial general liability insurance in the event of a lawsuit.
    Medical PaymentsMedical payments coverage refers to all medical and burial costs incurred by a non-employee harmed on the job or while working. However, the degree of medical coverage varies based on the policy limits.

    Cost Of General Liability Insurance In California

    Depending on several factors, the annual cost of your general liability insurance can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. A major influence is the nature of your business. Higher-risk companies incur higher general liability insurance premiums than lower-risk industries.

    Cost Of General Liability Insurance

    For instance, construction companies are likely to receive and pay greater insurance quotes and premiums than consulting companies. Other variables that can impact the cost of liability insurance include:

    • Age
    • Number of employees
    • Location
    • Building status
    • Policy details (coverage limits and deductibles)
    • Insurance claims history

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    The most straightforward approach to determining the cost of your commercial general liability insurance is to request quotations. You can customize your policy to your particular requirements.

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