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How Much Is Trip Insurance For Commercial Truck Owners?

How Much Is Trip Insurance For Commercial Truck Owners?

With fatal road accidents at an alarming rate of 33,000 per year, we encourage going the extra mile to protect your company's greatest assets with travel insurance. These standalone policies have coverages limited to travel risks. For commercial truckers, “travel risks” would include several road hazards, such as poor weather conditions, collisions, and vehicle rollovers.

You can either use single-trip or annual travel insurance. Single trips could cost around $90, while year-long travel insurance plans cost upward of $500—depending on your coverage limits. If you run a travel-dependent trucking company, opt for the latter option. You can top-up the funds or once your driver exceeds the initially allotted terms.

Assured Standard emphasizes that insurance should only serve as your last option when it comes to damage mitigation. The best way to avoid road accidents is faithfully observing driving safety protocols.

Crucial Questions To Ask Your Prospective Trip Insurance Provider

Does the coverage have trip limits?

Considering that you work in the trucking industry, you will need trip insurance plans that allow insured drivers to travel no less than 240 trips a year.

How many consecutive days can an insured person travel?

Again, since you work in the trucking industry, look for a trip insurance policy that does not stop insured individuals from traveling consecutive days.

Where do the coverages stop?

Only go for insurance plans that provide coverages within your designated service areas and daily routes.

Does the policy provide coverage during work hours?

This clause might seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, a lot of insurers find underhanded ways to avoid covering work-related accidents and perils. Make sure you read the fine print.

Important: trip insurance cannot serve as your company’s primary insurance plan. Its coverages are limited to first-party bodily injuries and do not cover third-party liability claims. Instead of solely prioritizing these policies, treat them as a supplementary plan to boost your concurrent general liability insurance coverages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does trip insurance cost for commercial truck owners?

Single-trip insurance could cost around $90, while annual travel insurance plans start at around $500.

Are there limits to the number of trips covered by trip insurance?

Some policies may have limits, so look for insurance plans that cover at least 240 trips a year.

Does trip insurance cover consecutive days of travel?

This varies per policy, but ideally, you should seek a policy that allows for consecutive days of travel.

Does trip insurance coverage apply to all areas of travel?

Coverage areas may vary, so ensure your policy provides coverage within your designated service areas and daily routes.

Does trip insurance cover incidents during work hours?

Coverage terms may differ, but it's important to ensure your policy covers work-related accidents and perils.

Are you looking for more business travel insurance options? Assured Standard can help! Check out our in-depth review of the best travel insurers on the market today!

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