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What Are The Best Cargo Van Insurance Options?

What Are The Best Cargo Van Insurance Options?

Cargo van insurance is crucial when it comes to protecting businesses from the risks of theft, damage, and other types of loss during transit by sea, land, and air. When shopping for different types of cargo insurance, it’s important to purchase sufficient coverage for goods based on their value. 

The best cargo van insurance companies and providers include Sentry, Progressive, and The Hartford. 


Sentry’s cargo van insurance provides coverage for small items in your van including tarps and chains. It can be purchased as an extension to their physical damage coverage policy and protect you from typical road hazards such as cargo theft and accidental mechanical failure or breakdown of cooling or heating equipment. 

They also provide additional coverage options including freight charges you’ve earned but can’t collect after a covered loss. 


Progressive offers a wide variety of cargo van insurance options, though most insurance policies are done through a third party. They provide discounts when you bundle together cargo van insurance with other insurance plans, although cargo insurance is not available in all states. You’ll need to get in touch with them as they have limited information online. 

Other possible insurance savings include a CDL discount, discounts for businesses that have been operating for at least 3 years, and discounts for those who pay through EFT. 

The Hartford

The Hartford provides cargo van insurance coverage within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They cover the process of unloading and loading cargo, provide protection during temporary stops during transport, and even cover the cost of dishonest acts by employees and subcontractors. 

For companies looking for separate limits for specific hauls, The Hartford also provides this option. 
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