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What Does Commercial Truck Liability Insurance Cover?

What Does Commercial Truck Liability Insurance Cover?

Trucking insurance offers a broad range of coverages that greatly benefits trucking service providers. These policies play a paramount role in any business continuity plan. Now, while the policy’s extensive coverage yields several advantages, newbies might find the complex jargon and terminologies confusing. How do you start understanding such a comprehensive program?

Commercial truck liability insurance is an all-encompassing policy that provides liability protection against bodily injuries, physical damage, and property damage. Standard policies focus on third-party claims. However, you can also top-up your policy to cover first-party injuries and damage sustained from covered accidents.

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Types of Liability Protection the Commercial Truck Insurance Provides

Bodily Injury Liability

If a third party sustains physical injuries from a covered incident, body injury liability can help settle the medical and legal fees associated with the claim. An extensive policy with high coverage limits may have sufficient funds to cover the entire treatment and recovery process.

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical damage coverage provides compensation for first-party damages that stem from covered accidents, perils, and incidents.

Property Damage Liability

You can rely on property damage liability protection to shoulder third-party claims on damages resulting from covered accidents and mishaps.

Note that this guide simply serves as a starting point on understanding commercial truck insurance. For more information about how these policies would benefit your business, consult a reputable insurer. Have their agent assess your insurability so that they can draft a unique plan customized to your individual insurance needs.

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