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Why California Insurance Companies Do Not Offer General Liability For Trucking Companies

Why California Insurance Companies Do Not Offer General Liability For Trucking Companies

Insurance companies in California don’t usually offer general liability insurance plans for most businesses because it isn’t typically required by law. However, trucking companies that own and operate trucks are required to have a certain level of liability coverage. 

California Trucking Insurance Requirements 

Depending on the type of trucks that a trucking company owns, cargo weight, and the materials they transport, these are the liability insurance limits required by California trucking law: 

  • $20,000 in coverage per vehicle and $20,000 per catastrophe in cargo insurance
  • $300,000 in household goods liability insurance
  • $750,000 in general freight liability insurance
  • $1,000,000 in oil transport liability insurance
  • $5,000,000 in hazmat liability insurance

In addition, drivers that transport hazardous goods and drive large vehicles will need to have a motor carrier permit to show that they registered their California Carrier Identification number with the DMV.

They’ll also need to get a Certificate of Insurance (MC 65 M) from their insurance provider or a Certificate of Self Insurance (MC 131 M).

Motor carriers that can qualify for a Certificate of Self Insurance need to have a minimum of 25 or more commercial vehicles registered in the motor carrier name, coverage equal to or below and $750,000, and have no “unsatisfied judgment(s) against the motor carrier name or the “doing business as” (DBA) or trade names resulting from property damages and/or bodily injury (including death) caused by a motor vehicle accident listed on the application.” 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't California insurance companies offer general liability for trucking companies?

While general liability insurance is not typically required by law, California does require trucking companies to have specific types of liability coverage based on their operations.

What are the liability insurance requirements for trucking companies in California?

Requirements vary depending on the type of trucks, cargo weight, and transported materials, with coverage limits ranging from $20,000 for vehicle and catastrophe cargo insurance to $5,000,000 for hazmat liability insurance.

What additional requirements are there for truckers transporting hazardous goods in California?

These drivers must hold a motor carrier permit, have their California Carrier Identification number registered with the DMV, and obtain a Certificate of Insurance (MC 65 M) or a Certificate of Self Insurance (MC 131 M).

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