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Add-on - This refers to additional insurance products sold alongside a specific insurance policy. See equipment breakdown coverage.
Assets - Anything of value that is owned by a company. Examples include office supplies, real estate, and even intagible assets like intellectual property. See business owner's policy.
Bobtail insurance - This liability insurance policy provides protection for commercial trucks driving without a trailer at any point. See bobtail insurance.
Bodily injury - Any physical damages incurred by a person, including pain or illness. See general liability insurance and business insurance.
Business interruption insurance - Covers any business income that is lost due to direct physical damage. It is not a standalone policy but is instead an add-on or a rider. See business interruption insurance.
Business owner's policy - A comprehensive insurance policy protects against any major property or liability risks a business might incur. See business owner's policy.
Claims - This refers to any requests for compensation for anything covered within a particular insurance policy. See business insurance.
Commercial insurance - Any requests for compensation for anything covered within a particular insurance policy. See commercial insurance.
Commercial truck insurance - Any insurance policy that covers business and corporate operations. See commercial truck insurance.
Contractual services - Time and effort that are rendered by individual contractors or firms. See professional liability insurance.
Copyright infringement - The use or reproduction of any copyrighted material without permission from the owner. See media liability insurance and professional liability insurance.
Coverage - Assets or items that are protected under a certain insurance policy. See cyber insurance, physical damage coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage.
Cyber extortion - This is when hackers and cyber-criminals demand payment through the use of force or threats.
Cyber insurance - A type of liability insurance policy that protects businesses in the event of a cyber data breach. See cyber insurance.
Cybersecurity - The process of securing one's digital assets and online presence. See cyber risk management and cyber insurance.
Data breaches - Any cyber attack that ends up leaking sensitive business information and customer records. See cyber insurance.
Digital forensics - The process of gathering and analyzing evidence found on digital devices. It is often done in relation to a cyber crime. See cyber insurance.
Employee practices liability insurance - A liability policy that protects businesses against any claims made by employees that the company has violted their legal rights. See business owner's policy.
Equipment breakdown insurance - A type of commercial insurance policy that covers instances of equipment damage. See equipment breakdown.
Errors and omissions insurance A liability policy protects businesses against customers' claims of negligence or poor work. See general liability versus errors and omissions insurance and professional liability insurance.
Experience modification factors - These factors are used to measure a company's overall safety against its existing workers' compensation coverage. See workers' compensation insurance.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association - The FMCSA is a government agency that regulates commercial vehicle safety standards.
Flood insurance - A type of property insurance that covers damages caused by flooding. See auto insurance for trucking companies.
General liability - A business insurance policy that protects against bodily injury and property damage. See general liability insurance.
Independent contractors - Individuals or firms that are hired to provide services on behalf of a company.  See independent owner operator insurance.
Intellectual property - Intangible assets or creations that have been made by the human intellect and require authorization to use. See cyber insurance and professional liability insurance.
Lease agreement - An agreement stipulating that one party will rent the property of another party. See commercial non-trucking liability insurance.
Low-risk industries - Industries with low levels of uncertainty when it comes to investing. See business owner's policy.
Media liability - Liabilities faced by publishers, advertising agencies, and other content creation services. See media liability insurance.
Motor carriers - Trucking companies that earn profits from transporting properties and goods. See motor carrier insurance.
Negligence - Failure of properly taking care of a product, service, or the like. See professional liability insurance.
Network damage - The breakdown of digital networks due to damage such as viruses or attacks. See cyber insurance.
Non-employee truckers - Truck drivers who work as independent contractors for a motor carrier. See insurance for trucking companies.
Non-trucking liability insurance - A liability policy that covers instances when a company truck is used for personal purposes. See non-trucking liability.
Occupational accident coverage - An insurance policy that provides compensation for families and relatives of truck drivers who were injured or killed in a job-related incident. See insurance for trucking companies.
Operational risk - An umbrella term that refers to all the risks a company may face due to the nature of its day-to-day operations. See general liability insurance.
Own authority - Truck drivers who obtain freight directly from receivers and shippers. See own authority commercial trucking insurance.
Owner-operator insurance - Liability insurance that covers independent truck operators. See independent owner operator insurance.
Payroll - A list of all the employees in a company and the amount that each employee is to be paid. See business interruption insurance.
Physical damage coverage -This refers to liability policies that covers physical damages incurred by vehicle collisions, vandalism, fire, theft, and other incidents. See physical damage coverage.
Pickup truck - A type of truck has an open back and a closed cab and is typically used to transport goods.  See pick up truck insurance.
Policy limit - The coverage limits of any given insurance policy. See business insurance.
Premiums - The amount of money a business pays for any given insurance policy. See the cost of commercial truck insurance and the cost of cyber insurance.
Primary liability insurance - This insurance policy covers any injuries or damages to individuals or property for which you are at fault. See commercial non-trucking liability insurance.
Professional liability - Covers professionals against claims of negligence, malpractice, or misrepresentation. See professional liability insurance.
Property damage - Any damages to real or personal property, which can occur through negligence, planned destruction, or natural disasters. See business owner's policy and general liability insurance.
Rental truck insurance - Insurance policies that cover the use of rental trucks. See rental truck insurance coverage.
Rental trucks - A truck that is used by a person or company other than the original owner, whose use has been agreed upon. See rental truck insurance.
Security risk - Digital attacks, viruses, and the like that can damage computer networks and steal data.  See cyber insurance.
Settlements - The payment of an insurance claim, or when an insurance company pays the policyholder. See media liability insurance and professional liability insurance.
Supplemental towing and cleanup - A type of truck insurance policy that covers both towing and debris cleanup that might occur in the event of an accident. See commercial truck insurance.
Terrorism insurance - Covers any damages incurred by a business due to a terrorist attack. See business owner's policy.
Tow truck insurance - This refers to insurance policies that cover the operation of tow truck fleets. See tow truck insurance.
Trailer interchange - Protects trucking companies from any incidents that occur while loading or unloading freight items. See trailer interchange.
Umbrella policy - Insurance policies that grant extra coverage beyond the typical business liability policy. See commercial umbrella insurance.
Worker safety - The provision of a safe working environment for employees, which includes equipment and procedures. See workers' compensation insurance.
Workers' compensation - A policy that provides compensation and benefits in the event of a work-related injury or illness. See workers' compensation insurance.
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